Wiz Team, Inc. is a professional odor removal and problem-solving company with decades of experience in the fight against active and persistent odor problems. We are IICRC certified in Odor Removal and use the latest technology to achieve superior results — such as state-of-the-art Hydroxyl Generators and cleaning solutions such as Decon 30 by Benefect. No odor problem is too small for the Wiz Team, Inc. experts. Our dedication to providing your home or business with a solution to chronic odor issues is endless.

Due to the nature of odor issues, all odor removal projects must be properly investigated as it is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Our team of dedicated professionals will come to your business or residential space for an initial consultation to identify the source of the malodor. Once we have determined the cause, we customize a plan for successful removal. We provide lasting results without any harsh chemicals or fragrances that can mask, rather than solve, the problem at hand.

We pride ourselves on humanely addressing even the toughest odors using proven techniques and specialized products. With Wiz Team, Inc., you can trust that your odor problem will be solved for good.

Professionalism, dedication, and knowledge are the hallmarks of our odor removal services. Contact us today to get started on your journey to a forever-fresh home or business.

We look forward to being your odor problem solvers! Call our office today to ask any questions and to learn more about our approach to odor and malodor issues you may be experiencing!

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Odors can result from a variety of sources; however, the most common sources are pets, cigarettes, cooking, wildlife, mildew and mold, and water damage.
Odor removal may be necessary when you find foul or bothersome odors that may offend lingering for an extended period, despite prior efforts of cleaning or air freshening. Malodors and persisting odor issues can lead to sometimes hazardous indoor air quality and may impact allergy sufferers more frequently. Please consult with our odor removal experts to let us know what odors bother you – and how we can find a solution to your odor issue hurdles.
At Wiz Team, Inc. we employ a customized approach to resolving your environment’s odor issue through many techniques. Odor removal can be achieved through methods including mechanical treatments, chemical treatments, ozone treatments, steam cleanings, deep cleaning, and carbon air scrubbing.
Wiz Team, Inc. expert odor technicians can often resolve odor issue projects within one to two days. Odor removal can, however, depend on the severity of the issue and is generally treated on a case-by-case basis. The source of the odor, the length of time the space has been impacted, and several other key factors will determine the time required to successfully remediate odor problems in homes or businesses.
While all perceived scents categorized as ‘odor’ may be unwelcome. Not all odors are equal, and as such, they do not all impact their environments in the same manner. Depending on the source of the odor, some odors cannot always be 100% fully removed. However, with Wiz Team, Inc. you can rest assured that our professional team of certified Odor Removal technicians can help manage the presence of odors in your home. Professional odor mitigation services can help significantly reduce and, in most cases, successfully remove odors. We recommend consulting with our team to schedule your consultation today. We can only determine the likelihood of success after a thorough inspection of your residence.
At Wiz Team, Inc. we pride ourselves on our experience, education, and state-of-the-art techniques in approaching unique problems our clients may face in their homes. Our ability to identify the source of the odor and take proper steps toward eliminating and preventing future occurrences provides you with peace of mind. Relying on Wiz Team, Inc. technicians are a safer and more effective approach when it comes to dealing with environmental odor issues. As certified professionals, we have access to specialized equipment, tools, methods, and cleaning solutions that can provide a more permanent solution while ensuring all areas of your home or place of business affected by odors are treated.
Odor issues that require immediate attention should be handled by a professional service as soon as possible in order to avoid further damage of your space. If you are experiencing an odor emergency, please call our office immediately. Let our team develop a plan that works for you! Wiz Team, Inc.’s dedicated 24/7 emergency line ensures our clients come first.

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