Carpet Cleaning Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Wiz Team, Inc. Carpet cleaning in Buffalo Grove, IL provides professional Carpet Cleaning to homeowners, and businesses in the local Buffalo Grove area since 1998. With an impeccable reputation and strong focus on education, training, and the latest industry technology and eco-friendly and highly efficient cleaning agents. We have been providing happy and healthy homes with a focus on 100% customer satisfaction from the initial phone conversation to the final steps in our work execution. We do not want to be a one time use service in your home, we strive to build a life long relationship with all of our clients, we cater to your specific cleaning needs; whether you need Carpet Cleaning, Area Rug Cleaning, Air Duct System Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning or any of our other fine services which we provide . You can rest assured that your home or business is held to the utmost regard and importance from start to finish. Wiz Team, Inc. commits all of its knowledge, experience, and expertise to every individual client to provide you with an unbridled level of services and commitment to your needs. We assure you; you won’t be able to find a company like Wiz Team, Inc. anywhere.

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose us:

1. Safe Cleaning Agents and Practices:
a. We use only biodegradable and eco friendly products approved by the EPA (no allergen triggers here). With our cleaning methods we are significantly reducing allergens in your textiles (carpet or upholstery) by removing them from the carpets, Rugs, and Upholstery. Making your textile free of soil and pollutants while improving the overall appearance and indoor air quality immediately.

2. Equipment, Technology, and Innovations:
a. We strictly use leading brands and state of the art equipment that is proudly manufactured in the United States of America. By doing so we can achieve the highest level of cleanliness; by removing dirt, debris, allergens, pollutants, and improving the overall indoor air quality significantly, while furthermore our careful approach in cleaning and use of our equipment ensures extending the life of your textile finishes and furnishings all while reducing germs, bacterial growth, and viruses instantly.

3. Trust, but Verify:
a. All of our technicians are highly trained, rigorously certified, background checked, and drug tested as part of our hiring procedures. WE ensure you all of our technicians are respectful to you, your family, and your property. We provide an impeccable level of customer service and do so at the highest level at all times, guaranteed.

4. Satisfaction Guaranteed:
a. We pledge that all of our cleaning procedures used in any of our service offerings will be performed using the highest and most stringent standards of safety for our employees and property occupants. We will perform any service to the highest standards per industry guidelines; following all rules and regulations by local, state, and federal authorities and agencies. Our promise to you: If you are not happy with any portion of our service, we will repeat the cleaning process to gain your satisfaction. In case we fail, you will be reimbursed for that portion of the service, no questions asked. As a family owned and operated business we believe in the integrity of ethics and duty to our local community to deliver on every promise.

5. 24/7 Scheduling and Service:
a. We start any work request in Buffalo Grove, IL with an in person, in home or on-site for businesses, free consultation. We want to know your specific wants and needs, as well as, the condition of the products requiring cleaning. At that time, you will be provided with a written proposal which described the services in need and the exact pricing for your decision-making process. You call to schedule your cleaning appointment and our highly trained and experience technicians will provide our services to your satisfaction guaranteed.

Carpet Cleaning Buffalo Grove, IL

Carpet Cleaning Buffalo Grove, IL: As a business owner, you want your facilities to be a reflection of the quality you pride yourself in. Has your office carpeting seen better days? It’s probably time to clean the carpeting in your office. But before you hire a carpet cleaner, you want to make sure the company you choose has expertise in industrial carpet cleaning or commercial carpet cleaning. You may ask: What difference does it make? A lot!

  • Trained professionals
    • Businesses have much different wear patterns in their carpeting than homes and apartments do. You need a trained technician to come out to your facility and assess what your carpet cleaning needs are.
  • Proper tools
    • Don’t trust your floors to just anyone with a vacuum. An industrial carpet cleaner will have the right tools and use the right products to make sure your carpets get clean, stay clean, and dry fast.
  • 24/7 emergency service
    • If you suffer a catastrophic event, you want to be sure you can rely a carpet cleaning company who is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Licensed and insured
    • You want to make sure your industrial carpet cleaning company is fully licensed and insured before you let it start work in your business.
  • Safe cleaning
    • You don’t want to risk causing allergic reactions in your place of business. Trust in a company that utilizes a natural carpet cleaning process.

The Wiz Team has been cleaning businesses in Buffalo Grove and the surrounding suburbs for years. We service office buildings, convention centers, theatres, churches, hotels, and schools. We are aware of the ins and outs of carpet cleaning in businesses. We also specialize in area rug cleaning and tile and grout cleaning to get your office space looking like new.

Upholstery Cleaning Buffalo Grove, IL

Upholstery Cleaning Buffalo Grove, IL: Some upholstery cleaning tips can help a homeowner deal with various basic stains and soiling conditions. While they are valuable, eventually a professional will need to be brought in to perform a more thorough treatment. There is a huge spectrum of fabrics used in curtains, furniture, and other textiles, and they vary in their reaction to moisture, temperature, detergent, and pressure. This is what makes treatment a risky proposition for untrained people, but basic care is possible as long as a homeowner is following some simple guidelines.

Among upholstery cleaning tips, the most important one is responding quickly. Stains and soils will set and become matted if they are not dealt with as soon as they present, so a homeowner must be ready with a clean, dry cloth. Cold water may also be needed if the stain is not oil-based. Also important, a homeowner should always vacuum fabrics before they are scrubbed or treated heavily. Failing to do so may result in fabric damage or deeply matted soils.

When basic care is not enough, a professional should take over and thoroughly clean the fabric. Certified technicians use commercial quality  cleaning agents and equipment, and both are useful in a variety of treatment situations. With this powerful technology at their disposal, professionals can restore the fabric to its former beauty.

The Wiz Team is a full service carpet cleaning and restoration service. We service Lake Forest, Highland Park, Glencoe, Winnetka, Wilmette Glenview, Northbrook, Deerfield, Buffalo Grove, Arlington Heights, Palatine, Lake Zurich, Barrington, Mundelein, and more. Contact us today for your cleaning and restoration needs.