At Wiz Team, Inc., we have the perfect solution for bringing your hardwood floors back to life. Our Hardwood Floor Cleaning services use professional grade neutral floor cleaning solutions and professional equipment that will leave your wood shiny and new.

Our technicians have extensive and exclusive training from BONA on how to maintain and clean any type of hardwood floors (Solidwood, engineered wood, laminate). Our high speed double cylindrical brushing auto scrubber with patented wood cleaner will gently scrub, clean, and extract all dirt and contamination from your flooring, leaving it dry, shiny, and spotless.

We understand you clean your floors by sweeping and mopping on a regular basis, but this is not enough to keep your floors in pristine condition. Sweeping and mopping is important for upkeep of your hardwood floor and to reduce micro-scratches on the surface as well as daily spills not to become permanent damage. However, some of the cleaning solutions and fine sand brought in by daily traffic penetrates into grains and cavities therefore professional deep cleaning is the key to keeping your floor clean, healthy, and beautiful!

Our Hardwood Floor Cleaning process uses safe, non-toxic products that are gentle and effective on all hardwoods. With Wiz Team, Inc., you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals damaging your floors – we use only the best natural ingredients that won’t cause damage or discoloration. Our experienced Hardwood Floor Cleaners will work tirelessly to restore the luster in your wood flooring and help it look its best!

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Procedures


Before cleaning of your floor, we perform an examination and identification of your flooring materials. Once your floor type is determined we can prescribe the best cleaning method. We check for any pre-existing condition and best way to approach cleaning. We will test small area for floor response and check soil level.

Next, we will protect walking areas, move as much furniture as possible out of our way and perform pre-vacuuming of entire area using HEPA vacuum with soft brushes to remove all dry soil and prep the surface for cleaning.



Next, we will pre-clean all hard-to-reach areas with wood cleaner, soft white pads and wipe away soil by hand. Open areas get cleaned using our auto scrubber with soft brushes and squeegees that applies cleaning solution, gently scrubs and extracts all imbedded dirt from your hardwood floor.

After deep cleaning of your floor, we will perform soft clean rinse using, microfiber pads for best clean and shine, we will install drying fans to dry the surface in minutes, making your floor ready for immediate use.



Finally, we place any furniture back and perform a final walk through to make sure you are amazed with our service.


Yes, we recommend cleaning your floor using appropriate neutral cleaner agent and microfiber mops, our recommendation is BONA Cleaning Kit for hardwood floors. Our deep cleaning process should be performed every 12 months to remove residue buildup and to give full cleaning of your floor in order to protect your floor from premature wear, flaking, loss of luster, and avoidable damage.
Often regular mopping of hardwood flooring is done incorrectly by homeowners, using the wrong solution and allowing penetration of dirt and contaminants into the pores of the wood where it accumulates is also harmful. Our cleaning system will remove all deeply imbedded soils from grains, pores, and crevices using our high-speed cylindrical automated scrubber, patented hardwood floor solution with its powerful vacuum which results in rejuvenating your floor to the highest level of clean. Corners and hard to reach areas will be cleaned by hand. Soft rinse and drying would be finishing step which ensures your floors are looking their best.
Yes, we can apply a topical coating in three different sheen levels of your choosing. Topical coating can only be applied in homes with no furniture (vacant homes or emptied areas that are not going to be used) after cleaning and when the floor is dry. We also can perform floor buffing using a lubrication gel in combination with our high-speed buffing units to enhance the floors finish hardness and appearance. For any of the above treatment’s floors will first need be prequalified and a deep cleaning would be required prior to the application of any topical coating or buffing.
No, we do not recommend use of vinegar on hardwood floors due to the fact that vinegar is an acid and it will dull or accelerate fading of your floor color and sheen, also it will cause damage to your finish. We recommend high quality Green Guard Hardwood Floor Cleaner by BONA. For further assistance or questions please call our office at 847-526-6060.
Many elements are considered when charging for deep cleaning of hardwood flooring. We charge per square-foot and always insist on in-home consultation and floor inspection, including a free testing before providing a cost of cleaning. To schedule your free in-home consultation please call us at 847-526-6060

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