Hardwood Floor Cleaning

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We pride ourselves in offering a high quality hardwood flooring cleaning service!

We Specialize In Wood Floor Maintenance

Wiz Team specializes in wood floor maintenance to enhance your floors appearance and maximize the life span of your natural surface.

Our professional hardwood floor cleaning will remove soil that you just can’t touch with conventional sweeping, mopping or polishing and will restore the luster and beauty of your hardwood floors.

Are you looking to keep your existing floor looking as good as new? Wiz Team, Inc. specializes in cleaning all types of hardwood flooring, and we pride ourselves in offering a high quality hardwood flooring cleaning service!

We use an odorless, dust-free technique to clean and polish your hardwood floor, a process that is effective on most wood floors and does not utilize the typical sanding system, yet effectively removes all dirt, residues of old wax and grease.

This maintenance process is designed to help you avoid the fuss and mess associated with normal sanding and refinishing. This process will not restore areas that have been damaged from water, areas worn from loss of polyurethane or deep scratches, and will, however, restore small scratches, provide durability while being environmentally friendly.

Cleaning your hardwood floor can be quite a chore, and a confusing one at that. Many types of wood flooring cannot be cleaned with liquids and require special coatings in order to truly shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regular mopping just doesn’t reach the stubborn dirt that lies deep in the pores of your hardwood, but our deep hardwood floor cleaning process does. We use a double-cylindrical rotary brush extraction machine and a neutral cleaning agent, which are specifically designed to clean all types of hardwood floors safely and efficiently.

Yes. First, we remove soil and debris with our hardwood floor deep cleaning process, and then we'll coat your floors with our maintenance coat solution. This step we perform only in vacant homes, since it is impractical to be performed in occupied spaces due to furniture, rugs, etc. For occupied spaces we recommend high-speed buffing with specialty gel application which gets heated up by buffing, providing clear tough barrier and enhances sheen of existing finish.

We recommend first pre-vacuum your floor with bristle brush (hardwood floor) attachment. Do not use beater-bar brush, since it can permanently scratch your floor. Wet mop floor with BONA hardwood floor cleaner and microfiber mop pads. This is the safest way to maintain your floor.

Do not use Vinegar and water. It seems like a great natural and easy floor cleaner since most people already have these products in their kitchen. But the vinegar can actually dull or damage your hardwood floor.

No. Ammonia is a basic cleaner with a PH of 11 and can ruin the color of your floor. Oil-based cleaners can leave a milky-residue on the hardwood.

No. The mantra “wood and water do not mix” holds true here. We have all seen the hawkers at home shows and infomercials on TV claiming that steam cleaners are great for sanitizing and cleaning your wood floors. But many hardwood flooring manufacturers list steam cleaners as a don’t in their hardwood cleaning advice and this will void the warranty if you use a steam cleaner. Repeatedly using a steam cleaner can result in peeling, whitening or cloudy finish. If you want to keep your manufacturer’s warranty and a pristine finish on your floor, keep that steam cleaner away from your hardwood floors.

Restore the natural beauty and elegance of hardwood floors with a professional deep cleaning.

Wood floors are a wonderful asset to your home or business. Not only does it enhance the loveliness of your space, it actually raises its value. Moreover, finished wood flooring is neutral in color and style, so it’s easy to decorate around. It will always blend beautifully with any decorating trend.

Like all floor surfaces, time and use may diminish the beauty of your hardwood floors. Normal traffic patterns can lead to dull floors that appear prematurely aged. The cost of installing a wood floor does not allow owners to neglect regular maintenance.

We pride ourselves in offering a high quality hardwood flooring cleaning service!

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