For over 25 years, Wiz Team, Inc. has been the carpet cleaning expert people trust to deliver the best carpet cleaning service possible on synthetic and wool carpets.

Our carpet cleaning service is the perfect way to keep your carpets looking and feeling fresh and healthy. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our technicians provide a deep clean that removes dirt, dust, and debris from deep within the fibers of your carpeting. We use only the highest quality cleaning solutions to ensure that your carpets are left looking and feeling like new. Our cleaning services are designed to be thorough and efficient, extending the life of your carpets while providing a healthier environment for your home or business.

We also offer a range of eco-friendly, botanical cleaning solutions that are hypoallergenic and safe for use around pets and children. Our natural cleaners are free from harmful chemicals and toxins, making them the ideal choice for those with allergies or sensitivities. With our professional carpet cleaning solutions, you can be sure that your carpets will be completely free of dirt, dust, and allergens.

If you’re looking for a professional carpet cleaning service that is both effective and safe for your home or business, contact us today to get started! We look forward to helping you keep your carpets looking their best.

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Wiz Team’s Professional Carpet Cleaning Process


Free In-Home/Business Consultation

We like to get to know our clients by meeting at the work site to get familiar with your needs. At that time, we will inspect the carpet condition, type of fiber, soil level, specialty staining, UV light inspection for pet stains, wear and tear, and determine the best cleaning procedures for the specific situation. At the end of our consultation, you will be provided with a written proposal for your specific service.

Safety Procedures

Walking area protection using non-slip cotton drop cloths. Installation of corner guards to protect (woodwork, walls, and trim) from cleaning hoses during cleaning, safety doors installation to preserve home energy and outdoor elements. Kids and pets keeping during cleaning will be the client’s responsibility.




Perform vacuuming of the entire carpet before cleaning using commercial, high-grade filtration and high suction vacuum to remove dry particulates (Dust, loose fiber, sand, dirt, outdoor pollutants).


Using a hot natural solution, we pre-spray the entire carpet before cleaning to liquefy any remaining soil post-vacuuming. This will assist during cleaning for full soil suspension and removal.




We perform pre-agitation of carpet through scrubbing of heavily soiled and traffic areas using a double-cylindrical soft super brush system to allow the most thorough cleaning during the extraction process.


(Coffee, Wine, Makeup, Food, and Rust) Use of spotting procedures and spotting agents to remove difficult stains as much as possible before extraction cleaning.



Pet Stain Treatment

Pet stains, typically urine, penetrate carpet, pad, and subsurface leaving salt and ammonia crystals behind when dry. Yellow staining of carpet surfaces requires specialty cleaning agents and tools for removal. Wiz Team’s technicians are highly trained in the removal of pet stains using natural solution and sub-surface extraction tools, leaving no chance for odor or stain reoccurrence. (Additional Service Costs Apply). Please note, that pre-treated or long-standing urine stains may not be able to be removed 100% due to the permanent damage caused to the fibers in your carpeting.

Carpet Hot Extraction

Deep cleaning is performed using State-of-the-Art equipment and attachments with hot micro-filtered, softened water supplied by our truck-mounted cleaning systems which are made in the U.S.A., one of the best that our industry has to offer. Hot water is sprayed into the carpet fiber for a deep clean, followed by powerful vacuuming suction, extracting all soil and leaving the carpet free of any residue. After our cleaning the carpet feels soft to the touch, fluffy, like new, and free of residue and odors – simply healthier.




After deep cleaning, we will groom the carpeting to lift the fibers in the proper nap position and to allow airflow between fibers for faster drying.

Speed Drying

On Every job we install several professional air movers with high air velocity on the freshly cleaned carpet for quick drying; typically carpet dries fully within (3-6 Hours), not Days, and the carpet can be used immediately.



Carpet Protector

After cleaning is performed and the carpet surface is 90% dry, we can apply a carpet protector hypoallergenic solution. Our solution is approved to be used around infants, children, and pets. Providing superior protection against accidental spills and spots. The application of carpet protectors comes with many benefits such as Carpet soil repellency, Protection against spills and spots, traffic areas remaining clean longer, better vacuum efficiency, reduction of static electricity, and keeping the manufacturer’s warranty (recommended).

Carpet Deodorizer

Deodorizing treatment is provided for any type of carpet fiber suffering from odor issues. Many odors get trapped in carpet fibers (cooking, pets, kids) changing the ambient scent to one that is uncomfortable or unpleasant. That is why we highly recommend the application of our Botanical Carpet Deodorizers in your home. We use only professional deodorizers for permanent odor neutralizing and removal of its source. We also offer non-scented deodorizers or odor counteractant for families with hypersensitivity to fragrances. With the application of our deodorizer, your home will be smelling fresh and clean, guaranteed.




After completion of our carpet cleaning services, our technicians will walk with you to review the cleaning results and make sure that you are amazed by the cleaning outcome.


Typically, for a carpet to be fully 100% dry it takes from 8-24 hours depending on indoor humidity, temperature, air circulation, and the type of carpet fiber that has been cleaned. The amount of soil in the carpet plays a role as well, since heavily soiled areas may need multiple cleaning and vacuuming passes taking longer to dry. Lightly soiled carpet with one cleaning pass can be dry before we complete the job in 2-3 hours. At Wiz Team, Inc. we have developed a unique drying system using our long experience in structural drying. We use evolution wands to clean your carpet which allows maximum moisture recovery, we set your HVAC system to a temperature setting of 72F with the fan on. We always install air movers for speed drying of cleaned areas, reducing dry time to ½, and utilizing your ceiling fans for air circulation. Your carpet can be used immediately after cleaning, we provide our clients with premium shoe covers to wear over your house shoes and exercise caution when walking from damp carpeted areas to hard surfaces to avoid slipping. Leave protective foam blocks or plastic tabs used to protect your furniture legs during cleaning for 24 hours, then they can be safely removed.
This is difficult to answer outright. Everybody charges differently depending on their business model. Some companies charge you per room, some by the square foot. Carpet cleaning costs depend on many elements: Type of Carpet, Amount of Soil, Spots and/or Stains, Furniture moving, and Amount of Furniture involved. At Wiz Team, Inc. we provide Free in-home/or/business consultations; during which we physically come to you and inspect the actual condition of your carpet (Wear & Tear, Soil Amount, Specialty Stains, Pet Stains, and UV Light Inspection, and check for Carpet Buckling, and Carpet Fiber Type: Synthetic or Natural). During our in-home consultation, we will answer any questions you may have and educate you about our process step by step, come up with the best solution for your cleaning needs and provide you with a written estimate, schedule your cleaning appointment with our office for an outstanding service experience.
No, we cannot guarantee all stains will be 100% removable. Some of the stainings, depending on the nature, will permanently alter the carpet structure and may contain permanent dyes and colors which make it impossible to be fully removed. Carpet spot and stain removal success depends on the following elements: the age of the carpet, how long the stain is in the carpet, the type of carpet fibers, and previous treatments which could create the reverse effect by blocking stains into place. During our initial carpet inspection by our master technician, we will communicate with you the removal success rate on certain spots and stains. At Wiz Team, Inc. we use professional spotting kits developed over the past 30 years of experience in spot and stain removal with a high rate of success when it comes to stain removal. Even in the best and most experienced hands, spot, and stain removal cannot be guaranteed!
Carpet bubbles and buckling are typical signs of improper carpet installation if the carpet is cleaned for the first time in 12-18 months after installation. A carpet that is older and shows signs of buckling and bubble effects before or after carpet cleaning, is a sign that the carpet needs to be re-stretched by professional installers. It is not always possible to know ahead of cleaning if the carpet will react in this manner. If bubbles or buckling do occur during the cleaning, it will go down within 24-48 hours and will be virtually unnoticeable. At Wiz Team, Inc. during our in-home consultation, we will point out any possibilities for buckling or bubbling before cleaning. We recommend carpet cleaning to be performed first and then see how much of the buckling will re-stretch itself during drying time, whatever is not back to normal, should be re-stretched by one of our recommended vendors.
That depends on room size, how many areas you are planning to have done, the amount of furniture to be moved, soil levels, and pre-spotting treatments. On average it will take approximately 30 minutes per room of about 150 sq. ft.
Yes! We move furniture, clean the carpet beneath it, and place it back in its original spot blocked with foam blocks and/or plastic tabs to protect your furnishing from absorbing any moisture or to prevent bleeding from furniture legs onto the freshly cleaned carpet. There are several items we will not move, including Pianos, China Cabinets, Electronics, Computer Desks, Beds, Dressers with mirrors, pool tables, or similar items). We kindly ask prior cleaning appointment you remove: lamps, breakables, collectibles, plants, and knick-knacks from the furniture you wish to be moved.
Several cleaning methods can be used to achieve superior cleaning results when cleaning carpets including shampooing, encapsulation, dry cleaning, and hot water extraction referred to as steam cleaning. At Wiz Team, we are all Certified Master Textile technicians trained and experienced in all cleaning methods depending on the type of carpet fiber and unique cleaning situation. We recommend and use hot water extraction for deep restorative cleaning method by using microfiltered soft water and specialty cleaning agents utilizing state-of-the-art extraction equipment made in the U.S.A. for moisture and soil removal up to 98% with quick drying times. Hot water extraction is recommended by the world’s largest carpet manufacturers (Shaw, Mohawk, Stain Master).
Most spots do not reappear after cleaning, some oil-based spots may reappear through a process called wicking. The resurfacing of stains is because they are deeply embedded for a long period. If this happens, please call Wiz Team, Inc. at 847-526-6060!
Yes, we are not happy unless you are. In case of spot reappearance or any other reasons, we will rush back as soon as possible to retreat any spots or to the re-clean area of concern. In case after recleaning you are not fully happy we will return your money for the area that is not up to your satisfaction no questions asked.
Our crew will give you an after-care guide to keep your carpet looking amazing until the next cleaning. Wiz Team provides all of our clients with HomePro Spotting Solution free of charge after cleaning to be able to spot clean carpet in case of accidental spills preventing simple spills from becoming permanent stains. We’ll recommend your next cleaning appointment to keep your carpet in pristine condition. In case of an accidental or specific spill or mess on the carpet – you can always call Wiz Team’s office and our customer service team will give you the best advice over the phone on how to handle any type of spill and prevent it from getting worse.
Carpet protector comes in 2 formulations, water-based or solvent-based. The base type (Water or Solvent) is used for specific types of fiber and fabrics on carpet or upholstery. A Carpet Protector or Sealer is a repellent that gives you an extra layer of protection and security to your carpet. By creating a shield around every fiber to protect the carpet from everyday traffic, spills, dyed drinks, and food. It allows spills to hit off the fibers preventing the penetration or staining of the carpet. It is a flexible specifically formulated to bond and protect fibers without changing the carpet appearance, color, or softness of the fiber. Carpet protection has many benefits, some of which include: Increased repellency, prevention of spills from penetrating, prolonged carpet life and appearance, allowing for easy and thorough vacuuming, prevention of static charge, protection from water, oil, and dry soils, and allowing for better cleaning. Furthermore, it protects the carpet from daily wear and tear between professional cleanings. Our technicians use only the best protective finishes available to our industry. Our protector is hypoallergenic when dry, safe to be used in homes with infants, kids, and pets, and has premium ingredients to give maximum protection at the lowest mixing ratio and it is recommended by the most reputable North American carpet manufacturers.
Yes, carpets come protected from the manufacturer with some higher, and some with lower grades depending on the type of carpet and grade of carpet you purchased. Carpet protective coatings weaken over time with everyday traffic and general use. Carpet manufacturers recommend the reapplication of carpet protectors after every cleaning typically once per year. Some carpet manufacturers waive your carpet warranty if the carpet has not been cleaned by a certified company and the carpet protectant has not been reapplied. Wiz Team, Inc. has Master Certified Textile Technicians who can clean all types of carpet from synthetics to wool and anything in between. For all types of synthetic and wool safe certified provider by the New Zealand Wool Institute for world carpet fiber maintenance, cleaning, and protection application.
Carpet deodorizer is a specifically formulated odor counteractant that penetrates odor causing the surface to eliminate the odor at its source. Odor sources such as stomach acids, smoke, feces, urine, blood, etcetera – will require different treatment. In general, all deodorizing requires full cleaning of the surface to get rid of odor-causing material/source. Deodorizer is applied using different techniques to get fully in touch with the source and eliminate odor. Some situations, such as urine staining may have penetrated deep into the carpet backing, carpet cushion, and/or subfloor. These cases may require additional procedures to fully eliminate odor and deodorizing surfaces may require multiple treatments. In some instances, full odor removal cannot be guaranteed.

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