Recently Wiz Team, Inc. was selected to participate in a collaborative project with several of the best cleaning expert in Northern America. Wiz Team was chosen to provide our insights into carpet care and maintenance. As the companies worked together to provide and compile an ultimate guide to homeowners and homebuyers in how to properly care and attend to their homes cleaning needs. If you have any questions for any stubborn stains, wall filtration dust (the dust on the perimeter of your rooms), or simply want to know more about our process give Wiz Team, Inc. a call. For the full breakdown of what all the cleaning experts in America had to say in our mutual effort to inform and entertain homeowners, buyers, and sellers alike – follow the link below.

For the full article please follow check out the Redfin post published by Jamie Forbes of Redfin.

We look forward to future projects with Redfin to the benefit of all homeowners!