Wiz Team Inc. Celebrates 25 Years in Business

Wiz Team Inc., a leading cleaning company in Chicago, is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a huge event. The company has been providing premium cleaning services to its clients in the Chicago area for 25 years. With a dedicated staff of highly trained professionals, the company aims to give their clients the best service possible. The company is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality cleaning experience, and continues to refine its working strategies to better meet the needs of their clients. Wiz Team

Located in Switzerland with subsidiaries in Belgium and Ukraine, Wiz-Team has a worldwide presence through partner organizations. With a combination of software, consultancy, and event delivery services, Wiz-Team helps event managers create and manage successful events. The Wiz-Team team provides a scalable and flexible event management platform that allows companies to adapt to changing event needs and stay competitive. Wiz-Team believes that empowered event professionals are the future of the event industry.

The Wiz-Team team’s membership in the ThinkSport consortium will facilitate the transformation of business silos into hubs of collaboration. By fostering the collaboration of members, it will help sport progress and innovation. Wiz-Team is a data management and event consultancy firm based in Lausanne. Members of the thinkSport network include the European Commission, SAP, and the Association of National Olympic Committee. The ThinkSport consortium will bring together leaders in a variety of sectors and harness the power of collaboration to benefit the sport industry.

To celebrate the team’s achievement, the Wiz-Team Inc. management team threw a party for its staff. To thank them for their hard work, they presented each member with a gift. Founded in 1991, Wiz-Team Inc. has maintained a loyal customer base through exemplary carpet cleaning services. Currently, the company is offering a 20% discount on all carpet cleaning services booked during June. The Wiz-Team team strives to serve their customers with the best service possible. The company has become a leader in the Lake Zurich area and has earned the trust of its residents.

With their innovative solutions, Wiz-Team empowers event managers to deliver world-class events. Their experienced event management experts provide event management software that makes the process of delivering world-class events more efficient and easier. From online registration to mobile app development, Wiz-Team helps you plan and execute the perfect event. They can even provide event management services for your team. There is no limit to the number of benefits Wiz-Team can bring to your business.