Wiz Team Inc. Celebrates 25 Years in Business

Wiz is a security platform for evaluating and managing the risk of cloud-based attacks. The platform proactively scans every layer of cloud environments without using agents and provides contextual insights and threat alerts. It connects with AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba Cloud, Openshift, Kubernetes, and more. Wiz’s API-based approach enables organizations of all sizes to obtain a comprehensive view of their cloud environment in minutes. airduct cleaning near me

The company is planning a grand event to celebrate its 25th anniversary, highlighting the achievements of its employees, shareholders, and customers. The celebration will include a special dinner and recognition ceremony for employees, clients, and shareholders. For those who have been loyal customers for years, Wiz Team Inc. offers superior service and a wide range of options to suit any need.

Wiz-Team provides a range of event management services, from consulting to customised software. Its core product, Event-Works, is a user-driven modular software solution that streamlines event planning and delivery. The company has contributed to the successful delivery of numerous world-class events, from sports events to major gatherings in the commercial, governmental, and non-governmental sectors. The company’s growth has been rapid, reflecting the increasing demand for event management solutions.