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As a member of ThinkSport, Wiz Team is committed to transforming the world of sport and entrepreneurship into a community of collaboration. With its innovative cloud platform, Wiz connects to any cloud environment in just minutes and scales seamlessly, giving you unified visibility of every layer of your cloud stack. It also provides an extensive inventory of every technology running on your cloud. You’ll be able to identify the riskiest areas in your cloud infrastructure, including your most critical applications. airduct cleaning near me

Event-Works is Wiz-Team’s all-in-one event management platform, complete with a suite of customisable tools that flex with your evolving event requirements. This flexible system streamlines day-to-day operations and optimizes data collection and sharing. Wiz-Team’s mission is to empower event managers through event software, consultancy, and delivery services. This enables you to deliver real-world solutions for event management.

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With WizTeam, you’ll be empowered to organize world-class events. Not only will you be able to manage attendees and exhibitors through the cloud, but your team will also enjoy world-class service with an expert team of event data experts. In addition to event registration, WizTeam can help you manage accreditation, accommodation, and memberships. They can even manage volunteer resources and ensure that everyone is comfortable and well-informed at the event.

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