Wiz Team Celebrates 25 Years in Business

The 25th anniversary of Wiz Team Inc. is fast approaching and the company is planning a huge celebration in honor of the achievement. The company has a stellar reputation in the cleaning industry and has been delivering premium services to its clients throughout the Chicagoland area. Now, the company is celebrating the milestone with an annual dinner and appreciation ceremony for its employees, shareholders and customers. airduct cleaning near me

As a solution provider for event management, Wiz-Team is staffed by highly experienced event professionals who are committed to making the event management industry more effective. Through their comprehensive software, consultancy and delivery services, Wiz-Team helps event planners deliver successful events. The company’s technology and support have been instrumental in the successful delivery of major sporting events, conferences, exhibitions, and other large gatherings.

Wiz continuously prioritizes critical risks – including vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and network exposure – to protect your data and applications. It connects via API to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud, and more, providing organizations with a single, comprehensive view of their cloud environment within minutes.