Wiz Team and Event-Works Work Together to Make Complex Events Easier, Faster, and More Sustainable

Wiz is a powerful cloud security solution that scans every layer and workload in a cloud environment. It uses an API to connect to cloud providers and is compatible with containers, virtual machines, and serverless platforms. This comprehensive tool helps prevent data breaches, protect data centers, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Its powerful cloud security features make it a must-have for enterprise IT security teams. airduct cleaning


The Wiz Team and Event-Works platforms work together to make complex events easier, faster, and more sustainable. Together, they provide a complete range of event management services, including online registration, mobile event apps, accreditation management, and activity management. Both companies have extensive experience in event planning, and provide solutions for both large and small events.

Both companies have a proven track record of helping major multi-sport events run smoothly. They will provide innovative tools and a team of event specialists for the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023. Their experience includes over 100 major multi-sport events. Together, they will be responsible for managing Olympic family registration, accommodations, tickets, and Olympic Club access.

Event-Works Gate is a companion app that helps users scan badges and other accreditations for access to the event. This app is compatible with all kinds of cloud environments, including virtual machines, containers, and serverless. It also works offline and can be transferred to another device later. The app works with the camera on your device and an external QR code reader. To use Event-Works Gate, you need to have a license for the event-Works platform.

Wiz Security Graph

Wiz Security Graph is an agentless, threat-focused security platform that can automatically prioritize security risks by correlating disparate signals across your cloud environment. It uses the data from across your enterprise IT environment to identify the most critical areas of vulnerability and prioritize remediation. The platform is based on an API and offers an intuitive user interface.

Wiz works with any cloud environment and connects in a matter of minutes. It uses an API-based approach to scan every workload, configuration, and platform. This deep assessment goes far beyond the capabilities of standalone CSPM tools, allowing security teams to proactively remediate risks. It also offers optional auto-remediation to automatically fix misconfigurations, and is scalable across all cloud environments without compromising resource performance.

Wiz has been built for enterprise cloud environments from day one, and has been used daily by dev, sec, and ops teams. Despite this early success, Wiz has faced a few significant challenges. First, it must compete with a larger product that was similar to the Wiz Security Graph.

Second, it is critical to scale the security program. Wiz Security Graph helps security teams achieve their security objectives by delivering a single pane of glass to see multi-cloud environments and prevent toxic combinations of risk.

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