Wiz Cloud Security and Management Platform

Wiz is a powerful cloud security and management platform. It scans all layers of cloud environments, workloads, and technologies. It connects to cloud providers via API, supporting virtual machines, containers, and serverless environments. Wiz also provides comprehensive security and compliance capabilities. Whether you’re a small startup or a global enterprise, Wiz can help you secure your cloud environment. airduct cleaning near me

Event-Works is an all-in-one event management platform

Event-Works is an all-in one event management platform from Wiz-Team, a Swiss organisation staffed with event professionals. It focuses on transforming the event industry by providing event managers with innovative digital solutions that streamline their day-to-day operations and enable them to deliver world-class events in record time. The platform is available for all types of events, including conferences, exhibitions, festivals, tradeshows, and more.

With an all-in-one event management platform, event managers can create, manage, and monitor all aspects of their events. The platform is designed for users to work seamlessly with one another and with third-party applications and services. It is available for both offline and online events, so there is no need to manually input the same data again.

It provides smart tools for registration, accreditation and badges, access control, and networking

Wiz-Team is an event management and technology company, specializing in the development of smart tools for registration, accreditation and badges and networking. We can support all your needs, from online registration to badge printing and access control. We can even provide solutions to manage all your attendees, exhibitors, and volunteers.

The Badge Builder is an intuitive tool for creating complete badge profiles. It enables you to print cards with different colors and layouts based on access privileges. The Badge Manager enables access control operators and administrators to manage their badgeholders.

It provides event data experts

Wiz-Team is a Swiss-based event data consultancy, which provides event data management and analytics. Its expertise spans several sectors and helps clients leverage new business opportunities. Clients include the Association of National Olympic Committees, SAP, World Sailing, and the European Commission. Wiz-Team is committed to helping organizations create and deliver memorable experiences for their attendees.

Wiz-Team is an international organisation with offices in Switzerland, Ukraine, and Belgium and a global presence through its network of partners. Its mission is to empower event managers with digital solutions that make the delivery of world-class events easier and faster. Its services include the creation of online registration, mobile apps, event access control, and accreditation management. Wiz-Team can also help organizations manage activities, volunteers, and booths.

It provides event mobile apps

Whether you’re organizing a public event or a private event, Wiz Team has the perfect app to make the process go smoothly. Event apps are designed to meet the branding needs of your organization. To get a custom design, simply send a file containing the logo, style concept, and event theme. The design team will also need your website URL and corporate style guides. All of these elements will be included in the custom design, which includes all of the graphics necessary for event app submission.

Wiz Team is an event management solutions provider with offices in Switzerland, Belgium, and Ukraine. Their cloud-based software and consulting services are designed to optimize event delivery. The company believes that empowered event professionals are the future of the industry. Its software makes event planning and delivery easy and provides total transparency and efficiency. The company’s services are available globally through a network of partners.

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