Why You Should Hire Oriental Rug Cleaners

You probably own at least one oriental rug in your home, and you know that they tend to accumulate dust, dirt, and other debris over time. But if you don’t regularly clean them, they could easily become gross and look terrible. The best way to avoid this is to hire oriental rug cleaners. These professionals are trained to carefully clean oriental rugs to maintain their beauty and ensure that they last for many generations to come. Here are some tips to make your rugs look like new again. rug cleaners near me

Firstly, vacuum your rugs regularly. Try not to use a vacuum with a beater bar as this may cause the fibers to bleed. You should also rotate your rugs every once in a while, depending on their traffic. Also, it is important to purchase a good rug pad for your rugs, which can be applied to hardwood floors or carpeted areas. Then, you can place your rugs in a warm, but not humid location until they are dry.

Another reason why you should hire Oriental rug cleaners is that these rugs have unique characteristics that make it difficult to clean. Some of them may be difficult to clean, such as woven silk or dyed wool. Because of this, expert Oriental rug cleaners use techniques that remove dirt and other contaminants without damaging the fibers. Usually, this means dry cleaning, or solid cleaning, which is best for lightly-soiled rugs. It will not work well if the stains are deeply embedded in the rug.

Professional rug cleaners use a special cleaning solution designed for Oriental rugs. Unlike a regular detergent, a combination of water and soap is used to drench the rug in the solution. The mixture may take a long time to work, depending on how dirty the rug is. After this, the cleaners dry it, and the process may take two or three days. You can expect to pay between $0.49 and $8 per square foot for an Oriental rug cleaning.

Besides cleaning, you should also make sure that you vacuum your rugs regularly. Vacuuming regularly helps prevent stains and keep your rugs looking new for longer. Moreover, you should avoid putting too much pressure on your rugs, as it could damage them. And you should also avoid over-vacuuming. This will keep them fresh for longer and help prevent them from setting in stains. This is how you can avoid damaging your Oriental rugs and preventing them from fading.

To clean your oriental rug, remember to remove any urine that has been spilled. This can cause significant damage to your rugs because urine is the base for dyes that will run. First, try soaking up the urine with paper towels or cloth towels. To make it more effective, you can also place weighted objects on it to enhance the absorption process. Always keep in mind that the cloth should be damp, but not over-wet.