Why You Should Hire an Oriental Rug Cleaning Company

If you have an Oriental rug that needs a thorough cleaning, it’s a good idea to hire an oriental rug cleaning company. These professionals use specialized equipment and methods to properly clean oriental rugs. Using regular steam cleaning methods will only leave the surface damp, and won’t reach the deep layers of carpet fibers. In addition, an oriental rug cleaning company can perform a thorough inspection to look for wear and damage such as dye bleed, patches or fringe, and can repair these issues as necessary. rug cleaners near me

Regular vacuuming of oriental rugs is vital for preserving their beauty and durability. However, you need to be careful not to use vacuum cleaners with beater bars. This may damage the fringes and other delicate parts of the rug. Additionally, you should consider rotating your rugs once or twice a year, depending on the traffic they get in your home. You can also purchase quality pads to protect your rugs while they’re being cleaned.

Before hiring an oriental rug cleaning company, you should compare quotes from several companies. Typically, a cleaning service will charge based on the size of the rug. A smaller rug might cost under $100, but a large rug can cost more. In addition, a large rug can take many hours to clean. Using a cleaning company can cut this time in half.

When using a cleaning company, be sure to follow the cleaning instructions given by the company. Oriental rugs require special cleaning procedures, including specific heat levels, chemicals, and drying methods. In addition to cleaning oriental rugs, you should also protect them from stains by keeping them off the floor and away from pets. A rug cleaning company should also be able to offer tips on how to keep your rug looking its best.

A professional oriental rug cleaning company will ensure that your rug looks its best and is free of allergens and dirt. The cleaning process should also include regular vacuuming. A professional rug cleaning company will make sure that the rug is completely restored to its original condition, if it has been tampered with. Moreover, they guarantee their work.

RugPro Oriental Rug Cleaning is a Jacksonville-based company made up of highly trained professionals who adhere to the highest standards of care and service. Founded by a team of rug cleaning experts, RugPro Oriental Rug Cleaning is a locally-owned boutique company that offers professional rug cleaning services to clients throughout the greater Jacksonville area.

Another common issue that requires professional carpet cleaning is pet urine. Urine can ruin your rug by making the dyes run. It can also ruin the rug because of the chemical content in urine. This chemical content will damage the rug’s color run and make it less flexible. It can also attract moths, which are known to ruin rugs.

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