Why You Should Hire a Carpet Cleaning Professional

It’s inevitable that your carpet will get a few spills and messy accidents. While you can try to clean up these messes yourself, you’ll eventually have to call a professional carpet cleaner. Mark Tarbox, owner of Best Carpet Cleaning Experts in San Antonio, recommends blotting stains and dabbing them with a clean cloth or cleaning solution. Wiz Team

The most obvious sign that your carpet needs to be cleaned is discoloration. This happens when your carpet has been subjected to heavy foot traffic. Professional cleaners use high-powered equipment and high-pressure water to remove dirt from the carpet. Consumer carpet cleaners are not as powerful and can leave a dirt trail.

A carpet cleaning professional has access to high-powered equipment, such as a truck-mounted cleaning machine. This cleaning method provides higher temperatures and pressure, which penetrates deep into the carpet pile. Most of these cleaning machines are powered by a truck engine, rather than home electricity. Before the cleaning process, it’s a good idea to apply a carpet conditioner to the carpet. This will serve as a degreasing agent and lubricate the carpet so the hot water extraction wand can clean it efficiently.

While professional carpet cleaners use machines that generate foam, you can also use aerosol cans of the same solution. After saturating the carpet, blot it with a wet rag. Afterward, use a vacuum cleaner to remove any residue. A foam cleaning solution contains less moisture than a liquid detergent, so it doesn’t remove as much soil as a liquid cleaner. In fact, some foams may clog the carpet’s fibers and cause future problems when it’s time for a deep cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaning helps reduce the amount of dust, bacteria, and allergens in your home. This helps you breathe easier, which is important for your health. A dirty carpet is a breeding ground for dust mites and will cause respiratory distress and allergic reactions. Professional cleaning removes any existing dust mites and mold before it has time to re-grow.

Freshly cleaned carpets have a great smell. It feels luxurious and stylish, and will enhance the decor of your home. Additionally, they smell clean, making it a healthier environment for your family. And a healthy home is one that is inviting to guests. It also protects your carpet from potential health hazards and ensures that it looks inviting.

Professional carpet cleaning companies use different cleaning methods to remove dirt. You can opt for a combination of methods to get the best results. Bonnet cleaning offers some benefits over shampooing, but it isn’t as effective when it comes to heavier messes. Bonnet cleaning is more common in high traffic commercial buildings. Bonnet cleaning machines use motorized pads that soak up dirt from the upper layers of the carpet. A bonnet cleaning machine can start from $25 for a single room.

Before cleaning your carpets, always do a spot check first. A spot check is an essential step in ensuring that you’re getting the best results. Choose the best cleaning solution for the specific stain, and don’t scrub too hard – excessive pressure can bury the stain deeper into the carpet fibers.