Why Is Airduct Cleaning So Important?

Airduct cleaning is an increasingly popular service, especially as the average person spends over 70% of their time indoors. But why is this service so important? What are the advantages and disadvantages of duct cleaning? While the EPA does not recommend that you have your air ducts cleaned regularly, it can be a good idea to tune up your system once in a while. If you hire a professional, you can even wait as long as five years between visits. Carpet Cleaning company

When choosing an air duct cleaning service, make sure you choose one that performs a thorough inspection of your system. Air duct cleaning technicians can be quite expensive, and you need to be wary of companies that advertise chemical biocide treatments. Depending on the amount of work you want done, you could spend anywhere from $450 to $1,000. But a quality air duct cleaning service will include an inspection that will guarantee that the air ducts are clean and safe to use.

The ducts in your home are prone to accumulating dust and debris after major construction and renovation projects. Construction debris contains a lot of particulate matter and is a major source of respiratory problems if not cleaned thoroughly. The number one culprit is drywall dust, which is a particularly hazardous substance. The dust and particles from drywall compounds are harmful to your health and should be removed by a professional. Air duct cleaning is a vital part of the overall construction process.

Apart from making your home more comfortable, air duct cleaning also improves the effectiveness of your heating and cooling system. If your vents are smelling or making strange noises, rodents are probably living inside them. In this case, air duct cleaning is an excellent solution. And the best part is, there are no proven side effects and no possible health risks. You can rest assured that air duct cleaning will help you and your family stay healthy for a long time.

Before air duct cleaning, you should consider hiring a professional to perform the task. Certified duct cleaners use powerful vacuum machines that are large enough to fit in a van or truck. Nonetheless, a handheld vacuum can be very effective as well. A qualified air duct cleaner will use the most appropriate tools to clean the ducts in your home. It will also remove pollen and bacteria from the air. Once they have cleaned all of the ducts, they will check them for any leaks or obstructions and re-seal them if necessary.

Once the air ducts are cleaned, the service provider may suggest applying chemical biocides. These products are specially formulated to kill microbes that cause mold and other respiratory problems. These treatments are also often applied to the housings of HVAC equipment. While these treatments are designed to prevent mold and mildew growth, they may end up damaging your ductwork. In addition, chemicals and steam can also damage the ducts. This process is essential if you want your home to stay healthy.

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