What You Should Know Before Hiring an Oriental Rug Cleaner

Before you call in an oriental rug cleaner, there are a few things you should know. The process of cleaning these rugs is not the same as cleaning a traditional rug, and improper methods can harm your expensive investment. Depending on the materials used to create your rug, it can take anywhere from two to five hours to clean and dry. Also, a professional Oriental rug cleaner can get a more thorough clean than you can do yourself. Professional oriental rug cleaners charge anywhere from $1.25 to $8 per square foot, and their fee can be between $50 and $300 for a full project. rug cleaners

Getting your oriental rug cleaned regularly is one of the best ways to ensure its long-term beauty. Regular cleaning of your rug will keep it looking newer longer and will prevent stains from setting in. It will be a great idea to vacuum it every few months or so, and if possible, every other day. However, you should never use too much vacuum cleaner on your oriental rug, as it can damage the fibers. Professional oriental rug cleaners use techniques that preserve the integrity of your rug and make it look as beautiful as when it was new.

Urine stains on your oriental rug should be cleaned immediately. The base of urine causes the colors of the rugs to run. You can absorb urine using wet paper towels or cloth towels. You should also use a weighted object to help the rug absorb the moisture and urine more effectively. Be careful not to overwet the cloth or else it will spread the stain even further. The last thing you want is for your oriental rug to become ruined!

Regular steam cleaning is not enough. Regular steam cleaning only removes the surface layer of dirt and leaves behind water that makes the rug damp. An oriental rug cleaner can not only remove dirt and stains on your rug, but they will also inspect it for damage such as worn or dyed patches and damaged fringe. If you are considering oriental rug cleaning, be sure to check local rug cleaners first. These specialists know how to clean oriental rugs and can restore your investment.

Heat is bad news for wool and silk rugs. It can shrink and twist, and cause dyes to fade. To avoid this, you should hire an Oriental rug cleaner. They can also protect your rug from the sun’s rays, thereby preventing damage. And if you have pets, they can cause mildew, mite infestation, and other damage. Animal excrement will also negatively affect the appearance of your oriental rug.

Professional rug cleaners are also necessary for antique rugs. Because home vacuums can’t get into the rugs’ fibers, they are unable to remove particulates. To remove the particulates, technicians use compressed air. They know how much pressure to use to remove the dust and dirt. This type of cleaning requires special equipment and experience. You can also choose to hand-wash a rug to remove dirt and debris.

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