What to Look For in an Oriental Rug Cleaning Company

To keep your oriental rugs looking their best, you should clean them regularly. Unlike regular carpets, rugs have specific cleaning and maintenance instructions, including temperature, chemicals, and drying time. Preventing stains and odors is also important; protect your rugs from spills and pet urine. Avoid rubbing stains as this can spread them and cause more damage. If a stain does occur, it’s best to contact a professional oriental rug cleaning company to remove it for you. rug cleaners near me

It’s important to find a company with a strong reputation and excellent customer service. You want to make sure they’ve had a background check and have courteous employees. You also want to choose one with a fast response time. You don’t want to spend your time worrying about whether the cleaning company will be able to come out and clean your rugs after they’ve been damaged.

Regular cleaning is important for Oriental rugs, especially if you use them daily. You should use a soft brush to get rid of dust and loosen dirt. Also, vacuuming the backside of the rug can get rid of grit and other debris that tends to collect on its underside. An oriental rug cleaning company has the knowledge and equipment to thoroughly clean your rugs, ensuring that they retain their quality for years to come.

A professional oriental rug cleaning company is able to customize a cleaning regimen for your specific rug. If you’d like to have your rug cleaned by a professional, it’s important to find one that is insured for its services. This will protect you as well as the company. A company with this type of insurance has specialized technicians that have been trained in the art of rug cleaning.

Professionalism is important in any business. A company that has a reputation for professionalism will ensure that their customers are completely satisfied with their service. All employees are thoroughly background checked before they work for you. If you’re looking for an oriental rug cleaning company in Jacksonville, RugPro Oriental Rug Cleaning is the best choice.

A quality oriental rug cleaning company will also be local, since they can pick up and deliver your rug in a shorter period of time. You don’t want to risk damaging your rug by shipping it to a faraway company. This is especially true if your rug is large and heavy. A professional oriental rug cleaning company can clean and dry your rugs in a safe manner.

The first step in the Oriental rug cleaning process is to avoid any urine stains. Urine is very harmful to oriental rugs, because it contains a base that causes the dyes to run. Using paper towels or cloth towels to absorb the urine will help. You can also place a weighted object on the area to increase absorption. Always keep the cloth damp but not overly wet.

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