What to Look For in an Oriental Rug Cleaning Company

Before you hire an oriental rug cleaning company, you should know what to look for. Not all of them are created equal, and some have specific cleaning requirements. Oriental rugs are made of wool, silk, or cotton and require specific temperatures, chemicals, and drying methods. Preventing stains is the best approach to avoid damage to your rugs, so protect them from spills and pet urine whenever possible. Avoid rubbing stains as this can cause more damage and spread the stain to other areas of the rug. If spilled liquids or spills occur, seek help from a professional Oriental rug cleaning company as soon as possible. carpet cleaning near me

In order to prevent the spread of dirt and staining, you should vacuum rugs regularly. You can also get the services of a professional Oriental rug cleaning company, which has the necessary knowledge and experience to clean any type of rug. The company should use the appropriate cleaning solutions to remove stains and odors from the rug. The professionals will know exactly what cleaning solution to use for different types of rugs. For best results, always trust a company that specializes in Oriental rug cleaning.

A good Oriental rug cleaning company will clean your rugs thoroughly and return them to their original beauty. The technicians at this company understand the delicate nature of these rugs and will create a customized bath for each rug. In addition to this, they will also perform a thorough inspection and repair any damage caused by moths or mold. If a problem still persists, you can call them for a reweaving or patching service.

You can also choose to vacuum your rugs yourself. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from a woven rug. However, be careful to avoid using vacuum cleaners with abrasive bristles, which can wear down the rug’s fabric. If your rugs get a lot of foot traffic, you should vacuum them several times a week. Lastly, you can vacuum the backside of the rug to remove dirt and dust from underneath.

When considering Oriental rug cleaning, you should first consider the type of material your rug is made of. While wool and cotton are easier to maintain and care for, silk rugs need professional assistance. Vacuuming removes surface dirt, but it does not get to the fibers of an Oriental rug. Professional cleaning can remove deep-seated dirt, restoring its beauty and preventing any future damage. In addition, an oriental rug cleaning company will provide additional services such as inspecting the rug for any wear and tear.

The type of machine used for Oriental rug cleaning depends on the material’s construction. The Duster design can tear down the foundation of an Oriental rug. This type of machine is designed to clean store mats and is not ideal for cleaning heirloom Oriental rugs. The Scrubber machine is suited for buffing tile and cleaning syntactic carpet in high-traffic areas. A Silk Wool Oriental rug will look Fussy.

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