Service too good to be true?

So, you’re ready to have your carpets professionally cleaned in Lake Forest, IL and surrounding areas, and want to get the best job for the best price, right?

Well before you hire anyone there are some things you should know. We created this page to give you the information needed to understand what the offers that seem ‘too good to be true’ really mean and what kind of service you can expect to receive from some of those “other” carpet cleaning companies.

Unfortunately the cleaning industry is filled with many uneducated, uninformed and sometimes downright unscrupulous companies that are waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners.

We are sure you have seen them, they advertise a great low price that “seems too good to be true”, 5 rooms $49.00 or $5.95 a room.

Then you wonder, how can they afford to charge such a low price? As a reputable company we can certainly tell you – THEY CAN’T!

The gas alone, to get to your home would make this a losing proposition for the ‘company’. Then you figure in cost of their equipment, cleaning agents, set up and take down time, and the actual job labor. A firm actually charging this low price would soon go broke and would be going out of business.

Be aware of the company you choose to work with.
The proper research will save you time and money.


Bait & Switch Advertising

So, why are they advertising these prices? The answer: It’s a game called “Bait and Switch” advertising! Here is a typical scenario: You find a coupon, call to schedule an appointment the technicians arrive and once inside your home, you are informed that the advertised price is for ‘basic steam cleaning’–in other words, clear water. What about cleaning agents? Oh, they have these products on their truck, but if they USE them on your carpets, your $6.95 a room price just went up to $85. Then, there’s the high pressure add on sales like sanitizing & deodorizing, as well as a charge for moving any furniture. Throw in the ‘nominal travel charge’ and the 2 rooms you thought you would be paying $13.90 to clean, have just cost you $300, not to mention the lousy job performed by the inexperienced technician

According to the Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Carpet Cleaning IICRC’s (S001) you cannot properly clean even a lightly soiled carpet without proper cleaning agents! These companies hire right off the street, with no training, no certification required and they are paid “on commission basis”, so the up sales are their paycheck! These companies are routinely closing their business under one name, and soon resurface under a new one. Save yourself the trouble!

Please watch these videos about some of the Bait & Switch tactics they use.

Whether you decide to use our services in Libertyville or not, this will allow you to become an educated consumer and avoid the unethical, uneducated and downright unscrupulous cleaners.

Wiz Team, Inc. enjoys one of the best reputations around. Check out our A+ rating held with the Better Business Bureau and read through some of the testimonials provided by our clients on throughout our website. Our customers in Highland ParkLibertyville, and Arlington Heights are pleased with their carpet cleaning.

We pride ourselves on high quality Professional Cleaning and have trained & skilled technicians. You pay the price you are quoted! Our sole purpose is to please you! But we also work hard to help extend the life of your carpeting with a professional & thorough job!

Don’t be taken in by Bait & Switch companies! Remember the old adage – you get what you pay for!


Fly-By-Night Companies

Most likely you have see or received these ads in your mail box, email or newspaper – super sized, awful looking picture of dust mites with questions like: “Are you suffering from allergies?” or ” Mold and fungi causing health problems? We can cure it” – No problem – for the price of only $9.95 per vent or $129 whole house duct cleaning up to 10 vents or an even better deal $299 for unlimited number of vents. You may even get a senior citizen or veteran’s discount, and say “Oh wow, what a great deal, how can you not call them”?

That is a scam called “bait and switch” and it is happening all across the country. Many of these companies are what we call “fly-by-night” and they open up under one name now, only to disappear within a couple of months, and then reappear again under a different name.

As BBB reports, they have seen that some attorney generals and judges have ordered these companies to be shut down, forbidden their owners from doing business in their states, and ordered them to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. But most of the time, these scammers simply take off to open a new company in another state.

Please watch these videos from the Hanson Files and NBC’s Dateline investigation and what they have found out.

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Experience the quality of Wiz Team, Inc. services, and you’ll see for your-self why the difference between us and all our competitors is obvious.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

-Benjamin Franklin

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