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Here’s the list of what we would typically clean in a “deep clean” preventative maintenance environment such as an office space. Wiz Team, Inc. uses products and procedures following recommendations put forth by the CDC and the EPA and the IICRC. (As well as common sense)

We clean all surfaces with surface appropriate cleaners. Any “high touch points“in areas with high traffic exposures would apply an EPA approved anti-microbial disinfectant, allow dwell time, and then we re-clean the surface.  

The cleaner/disinfectant/virucide/bactericide we use for these surfaces is EPA Registered and approved Disinfectant.

This service is billed by the hour per specialist (plus a supplies and PPE charge).

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    We also, as a preventative measure can apply through ULV micro-mist “fog” an EPA APPROVED product called BENEFECT Decon 30. This only as a knockdown treatment to the indoor airspace and it contains natural Thyme Oil as its active ingredient. Soft surfaces such as upholstery and carpet should be cleaned and sanitized regularly to maintain a healthy indoor environment as well. (Yearly at a minimum).

    This would be an ideal time to get this work done.

    For this cleaning work, we use truck mounted cleaning system or portable units with high heat water extraction and deep clean. We deep clean and rinse the carpets and fabrics to give the best most sanitary results possible using only safe non-toxic solutions. Carpet cleaning is Priced by sq ft based on volume and condition.

    Upholstery (fabric chairs, couches, etc) is priced per piece.


    OFFICE Surfaces typically cleaned/treated:

    • Door Handles, knobs and edges as commonly touched
    • Glass door surfaces
    • Countertops
    • Bookshelves
    • Desk/Tabletops
    • Computer Accessory (or Mouse/keyboard)
    • Telephone handles and keypads
    • Vending machines
    • Appliance door handles and edges
    • Entry keypads
    • Hand/stairway railings
    • Elevator buttons/handrails
    • Badge readers
    • Water fountains/coolers
    • Light switches
    • Restroom soap dispensers/paper towel dispensers
    • Toilet stall handles/ buttons/levers
    • Office/conference room Chair tops backs and arms (plastic)
    • High touch points such as low walls, cubical edges/tops or cabinets.
    • Any other surfaces/equipment deemed to be at high-risk by the facility manager.

    We appreciate the opportunity to help you.

    We help many clients with a deep clean of high touch points as well as some additional “deep cleaning” steps to prepare their offices for reopening in the coming weeks!

    We clean for health! 

    Please let us know the best time to further discuss or visit your property for inspection and/or service.

    Let us know if we can assist you – We are here to serve.

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