Tips For Oriental Rug Cleaning

You may have to hire a professional for the cleaning of your Oriental rug. However, you should be aware of certain tips. The right cleaners should be used to clean your oriental rug. Using the proper cleaners is essential to make sure that your rug is free from dust, dirt, and other types of debris. Cleaning your oriental rug is a great way to preserve its beauty and value for generations to come. Listed below are some tips to keep your oriental rug looking its best. oriental rug cleaning

Avoid letting your rug soak in water for long periods. Leaving it exposed to water for long periods can cause fibers to break and the colors to run. A pH-neutral detergent can be used to clean greasy spills. Using this solution will remove the stains from the rug. Depending on the type of rug, you can try spot-testing to make sure that the cleaning method will work before you make a final decision.

Keeping your rug clean is a must-do for pet owners. Pets love to scratch your area rugs. Dogs tend to choose peculiar places to pee, so it is important to keep your rug out of reach from them. You should also treat spills as soon as possible to prevent the stains from spreading further. In case of pet urine or vomit, you should rinse the rug thoroughly. However, if you have pets, it is important to properly wash your oriental rug with a suitable carpet cleaning solution.

Expert cleaners understand the delicate nature of a Persian rug. Steam cleaners can damage the fibres of a wool rug. You should vacuum your Persian rug only on occasion to avoid the risk of packing down the fibres. Keep it away from direct sunlight to protect its colors. If you want to keep your oriental rug in its best condition, you should avoid walking on it while it’s on display. You should also avoid wearing shoes on your rug. This can bring in dirt and cause difficult stains.

Professional rug cleaners use a process known as filtration. They pump a liquid over the rug and allow the dirty liquid to filter out. After the cleaning, they dry the rug with clean water. Depending on the service provider, you can expect to pay anywhere from $.49 per square foot to $8 for the entire cleaning process. For this reason, you need to know your budget before hiring a professional to clean your rug. So, choose a professional rug cleaning company that offers competitive prices and excellent results.

Choosing the right cleaner depends on the type and size of your rug. Oriental rugs are expensive and require proper care to maintain their beauty and appeal. If you want to maintain their beauty, you should avoid over-vacuuming them. Vacuuming your oriental rug only once or twice a year will help keep it looking new for longer and prevent stains from forming. In addition, proper cleaning techniques are essential to avoid damage.

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