Tips For Oriental Rug Cleaning

If you’re in need of an oriental rug cleaning service, you’ve come to the right place. This article contains valuable information on what you need to keep an eye out for when cleaning your precious rugs. Follow these tips to keep your rugs in top shape. By following these steps, you’ll be able to keep your rugs looking and smelling their best for years to come. Also, if you have a pet, you should consider keeping them away from your oriental rugs. Whenever your pets spill something, you should treat it immediately. carpet cleaning near me

To prevent excessive wear, move your rug every once in a while. If you keep it in a high-traffic area, it might require deep cleaning twice a year. You can also spot clean spills to avoid permanent stains from setting in. Vacuuming and shaking your rugs regularly will help keep them looking new longer. Vacuuming them at least once a week will keep them dust-free and in good condition.

Vacuum your rugs thoroughly and on both sides. Remember to use a low-pile carpet attachment for cleaning Oriental rugs. Be sure to use a nozzle to avoid getting any fringing in your rugs. Similarly, you can also use a carpet-cleaning agent that’s safe for the fibers of your rugs. This way, you’ll keep them looking their best for years to come.

While washing your rugs, never let the stains dry. Depending on the type of stain, this can take a very long time. If the stain is very bad, you can even wash them in the washing machine, but you’ll have to wait until they have dried to restore them. You can also use a squeegee to remove loose dirt from your rugs. Ensure you squeegee is used in the direction of the fibers to avoid rubbing the rug or ruining the fibers.

A professional Oriental rug cleaner can provide a deep cleaning for your rugs. Usually, this cleaning takes two to three hours and needs a few days to dry. Professional cleaners charge around $1.25 to $8 per square foot, and it’s best to hire a professional to clean your rugs. For a complete project, it might cost you $50 to $300. So, make sure you know how to properly clean your rugs to protect them for years to come.

If your rug is made from wool, you must use a dry cleaning method to ensure its quality. The fibers of wool are porous, so you don’t want to make them drier than they actually need to be. A dry, well-ventilated room is the best way to dry your rug. Once it has dried, it can be re-used a few times, and you may even need to repeat this process several times.