Tips For Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are among the most admired types of carpets. However, they can become a real disaster if not cared for properly. Here are some tips to make your rug clean and healthy again: carpet cleaning near me

Regular oriental rug cleaning is important to keep your rugs looking as fresh as possible. Keeping them clean helps maintain their natural fibers and structure. They should be cleaned at least every four to five years. Regular vacuuming and shaken-out cleaning are also a good idea. In addition, you should vacuum them regularly, at least once every two weeks. Oriental rugs can also be cleaned using acid-based cleaners. However, it is still better to get them cleaned regularly, at least once a year.

If your rugs are not exposed to water for long periods of time, make sure you thoroughly blot excess water with a towel or wet/dry vacuum. Regular vacuuming will help remove a lot of dirt and debris that may have been affixed to it. But you should be careful not to over-vacuum your rugs. Over-vacuuming may loosen the fibers and leave them susceptible to staining.

To clean your oriental rug, make sure to rinse it after every use. Baking soda will not do much for removing stubborn stains, and can actually damage the fibers of the wool or silk rug. It’s also not recommended to scrub your rugs with baking soda as it will pull out color and fray the fibers. A better solution for deep cleaning is a mixture of water and acid-based cleaning solution. It should be diluted before use and let the rug sit for an hour.

You can clean Oriental rugs yourself using a mixture of natural and organic products. This method will ensure that your rugs remain clean and beautiful. Oriental rugs are made of natural wool fibers and require a special cleaning method to keep them looking beautiful. However, you should consider the price of hiring a professional. The cost of hiring an oriental rug cleaner can range from $1.25 per square foot to $8 for a full cleaning project.

If you are planning to walk on your heirloom, you should regularly clean and rotate them to reduce wear and tear. Experts recommend rotating rugs every six months. Rotating them regularly will help to spread the foot traffic evenly and prevent them from getting damaged by constant wear and tear. When you have an heirloom rug, you should avoid placing heavy furniture directly on them. In addition, if you want it to look good for many years, you can rotate it every two years.