Tips For Oriental Rug Cleaning

Before you begin Oriental rug cleaning, consider what kind of rug you have. Handmade rugs are best left to professional cleaners. However, you can clean machine-woven rugs at home with a white vinegar solution. The vinegar can remove dust and dirt, while the fringing can be delicate. Once the cleaning is finished, you can hang your rug to dry. Once it has dried, brush it with a squeegee or a flat rake to remove excess water. airduct cleaning company

Before you start cleaning your Oriental rug, consider whether it is suitable for your pet. Wool rugs are highly susceptible to bleeding, so it’s advisable to hire a professional carpet cleaner to do a deep clean periodically. If your pet is not potty-trained, you can consider using a rug pad under it to avoid any possible stains. Also, it is important to use a rug pad, which prevents the stain from reaching the fiber roots of the rug.

Another tip for keeping your oriental rug clean is to vacuum it regularly. Regular vacuuming is also necessary to remove loose dirt. Oriental rugs should be vacuumed at least twice a year, but more often if there is heavy traffic in the area. Vacuuming should be done once every two weeks. Generally, oriental rugs do not need too much scrubbing. You should, however, be sure to take care of them properly if you want them to last for several years.

Oriental rugs are generally more expensive than synthetic rugs, and a professional rug cleaning service may be the best option. Professional Oriental rug cleaners can provide a deeper clean, and can charge between $1.25 and $8 per square foot for a complete project. If you’re not comfortable doing this, you can always outsource the cleaning process to an Oriental rug cleaner. If you choose to hire a rug cleaner, make sure you know what you’re doing.

Oriental rugs are often made of natural fibers, such as cotton, silk, or wool. They react differently to water than nylon does. Wool absorbs water, so it will likely trap dirt and water inside. When steam cleaning a rug, hot water will cause natural vegetable dyes to run, resulting in permanent stains. In addition to the steam cleaning method, steam cleaning will damage the rug’s delicate fibers and can cause mud to build up inside.

After the cleaning is complete, you may want to use a squeegee to remove any loose dirt. To blot the stain, use a clean paper towel dipped in cold water and a suitable rug shampoo. If you’re unable to find a commercial solution, you can use a homemade solution of one quarter cup of dishwashing detergent, two cups of lukewarm water, and a few drops of white vinegar. Avoid sponging your rug, as it can cause the fibers to pull out. If you’re unable to remove the stain, you should bring the rug to a professional for further cleaning.