Tips For Oriental Rug Cleaning

If your Oriental rug is particularly dirty or stained, you should consider bringing it to an expert for cleaning. Fortunately, there are many techniques available to clean these delicate rugs without damaging their fragile fibers. The first step is vacuuming them thoroughly and making sure to clean both sides. When vacuuming, be sure to use an attachment designed for oriental rugs. For best results, clean the rug in the direction of the fibres. Do not use beaters or bristles, as these can damage the delicate fibers of your rug. carpet cleaning near me

The next step in Oriental rug cleaning is to remove any urine stain from the rug. Urine is a strong stain and can damage your rug’s dyes. To remove this stain, you can use wet cloth towels or paper towels. You can also use a weighted object to help absorb the urine. You must make sure that the cloth is damp, but not excessively wet.

After you have cleaned the stain, you should rinse your rug thoroughly. You should also try to potty train your pet before placing it on a rug. This will reduce the chances of stains from pet urine and feces. It is also advisable to use a carpet pad underneath your rug so that the moisture from the stain does not penetrate into the fibers of the rug.

In addition to regular vacuuming, you should also consider cleaning the rug regularly. Regular cleaning can extend the life of your rug and ensure that it stays in good condition for many years. With the right techniques, you can take care of your oriental rugs for generations to come. By following these tips, you can keep your rug looking its best and avoiding the need to purchase new rugs.

Oriental rugs are an excellent addition to any room in your home. However, their delicate fibers need special attention. Whether they are handwoven or machine-loomed, oriental rugs require special cleaning and maintenance. Oriental rug cleaning specialists are trained to clean these rugs using specialized tools and equipment. These cleaning methods protect the dyes in the fibers of the rug and help the colors remain vibrant and beautiful.