Tips For Oriental Rug Cleaning

If you have an Oriental rug, there are a few basic steps you can take to maintain its beauty and longevity. One of these steps involves regular vacuuming, but be sure to use a low-pile carpet attachment. If your rug is made of silk or wool, you should avoid using alkaline cleaning products as these can damage the fibers. For an acidic cleaner, try white vinegar. It will make the stains fade and restore its original look and feel. carpet cleaning near me

To clean an Oriental rug, use a squeegee with long, soft bristles. Be sure to clean the rug with the grain, as fibers tend to point in one direction. Once you have cleaned your rug, it will be heavy and you will need to lay it flat to dry. You can also use a squeegee or a flat rake to remove excess moisture. Then, hang it in a warm, but not humid, area to dry.

If you don’t want to spend time and money on hiring an Oriental rug cleaning company, use the old-fashioned method of shaking, beating, and sweeping the rug with a straw-bristle brush. For braided, hand-hooked, and flat-weave rugs, this method is ideal. You can also use a pH-neutral liquid cleaner on wool Oriental rugs. Never use harsh chemical cleaners on woolen rugs.

Another important tip for oriental rug cleaning is keeping pets off the rugs. Pets love to scratch them, and especially dogs will choose unusual places to pee. Keep your rugs out of reach of your pets and treat spills as soon as they occur. This will prevent them from ruining your rugs. Using a rug pad will also protect your rugs from future damage. It is essential to know the right technique for cleaning your oriental rugs.

To avoid damaging your rug, avoid sweeping it too much. If you are in a hurry, try vacuuming your rug once every few weeks. Vacuuming your rug regularly will prevent dirt and stains from setting in. Once you do this regularly, you can keep your rugs looking newer for longer. It will also help you keep them free of dust, which will make them easier to clean. Then, you can follow these tips to prevent stains.

Before you begin your Oriental rug cleaning, be sure to clean your home’s floors and walls. If you don’t want to risk damaging your carpet, use a professional service to do the job. Oriental rugs are delicate and can be damaged by the wrong cleaning method. So, you should carefully clean the area where you plan to place it. You should also make sure you have the space where you’ll place the rug to avoid any spills.

In addition to regular vacuum cleaning, you should also use a damp cloth to remove stains. After cleaning, use a paper towel dipped in cold water and a rug cleaning solution. You can also create your own cleaning solution by mixing a teaspoon of white vinegar, two cups of lukewarm water, and one cup of dishwashing detergent. Make sure you don’t overwet the cloth as this could cause it to pull out fibers.

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