Tips For Cleaning Oriental Rugs at Home

Professional rug cleaners specialize in cleaning oriental rugs and recommend that you deep clean them on a regular basis. However, if you do this yourself, you can risk damage to your rug. Some chemicals may cause color bleeding and fraying, and you should always consult a professional rug cleaner before using any cleaning product on your rugs. A regular deep cleaning of oriental rugs is vital for preserving their appearance. Here are some tips for cleaning rugs at home. rug cleaning

Before you begin, vacuum your Oriental rugs on both sides. It is best to use a vacuum attachment that is suitable for low pile carpets, as the fringe can easily get caught in the hose. For a hand-woven oriental rug, you should use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar or rubber scrubber. Avoid the use of acidic cleaners, as they can damage wool or silk fibers. White vinegar is a suitable acidic cleaner.

The process of cleaning rugs is very delicate, so make sure you use a professional cleaning service for your rugs. You should check with the rug manufacturer to find out which types of rugs are suitable for households with pets. When choosing a cleaning company, consider the price. Prices range from $.49 per square foot to $8 or more, depending on the type of cleaning process. You may find that it is more affordable to hire a professional than to attempt to clean the rug on your own.

Regular cleaning is crucial for rugs. Routine maintenance will save you thousands of dollars over time and improve the appearance of your rugs. Professional rug cleaners use a variety of techniques to preserve the integrity of your rugs. They will inspect the front and back surfaces of your rugs and inform you of any potential damage or loss. This will ensure your rugs look and feel their best for as long as possible. If you don’t clean them regularly, you risk destroying the integrity of your rugs and causing permanent damage.

Professional rug cleaners use specialized equipment to clean your rugs thoroughly. Home vacuums can’t reach deep into the rug fibers, which makes them prone to buildup of dirt and debris. Professional rug cleaners have the specialized equipment and experience to do a thorough job. In addition, rug hand-washing involves a submersion bath, where air pressure is used to remove dust and debris from the rugs.

Urine stains can damage your rugs. Because urine is a base for many of the colors and patterns of oriental rugs, it will cause the dyes to run. To avoid this, the first step in cleaning urine stains is to absorb the liquid as quickly as possible. Use paper towels or wet cloth towels. If possible, use a weighted object to help with the absorption process. While you use a damp cloth, be sure to use a towel that is not overly wet.

Steam cleaning Oriental rugs is not recommended unless the stain is particularly ingrained in the fibers. In addition, steam cleaning can cause damage to delicate fibres. Professional rug cleaners will know which method is best for your rugs. However, dry cleaning is best suited for light soiling and is not recommended for deeply ingrained messes. If you do decide to clean your rugs yourself, you should know how to clean them yourself.

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