Tips For Cleaning Oriental Rugs

Whether you have an antique or modern Oriental rug, it is important to clean it regularly to maintain its beauty. Although the process of cleaning an Oriental rug can be expensive, it is still possible to clean it on your own. Listed below are some tips to keep your rugs clean. Read these tips to clean your Oriental rug and keep its beauty for years to come. We are happy to answer your questions about oriental rug cleaning. We have a wide variety of services for you to choose from. rug cleaners near me

First, vacuum the rug thoroughly using a soft-bristled brush. Next, use a detergent designed specifically for Oriental rugs. Avoid alkaline cleaners, as they will cause the fibers of the rug to break down. A great acidic cleaner is white vinegar. When using a steam cleaner, make sure to vacuum the excess water after the cleaning process. Once the rug is clean, you can use a soft-bristled vacuum cleaner to extract the remaining water. Once the rugs have been dry, you can store them in a warm, non-humid room.

When it comes to regular vacuuming, it is best to do it once or twice a week. Regular vacuuming will remove most of the dirt and debris that’s trapped in rugs from everyday walk-throughs. However, excessive vacuuming will cause the fibers to loosen, so once every two weeks is a good frequency. If you vacuum the rug often, you may need to invest in a specialized Oriental rug cleaning solution to keep it in good condition.

Regular deep cleaning is necessary for oriental rugs. Most rugs should be deep cleaned once a year, but high-traffic area rugs may require deep cleaning twice a year. It’s easy to determine if your rug needs cleaning just by running your hand over the fabric. You can use a carpet shampoo or detergent to remove dust and dirt. However, carpet cleaners contain bleach that can lighten or bleach the fibers of an Oriental rug. If you want your rug to remain in great condition, it’s best to visit a professional oriental rug cleaning service every four to five years.

If you can’t get your hands on a steam cleaner, you can use a mild detergent that’s specifically made for rugs. Be sure to test the detergent you’re using on a small patch first, and then wipe it off later to ensure that it doesn’t damage the rug. Some Oriental rugs can be cleaned by using a steam cleaner, but you should be careful and go over the entire rug thoroughly. This method is not suitable for all Oriental rugs, so make sure you’re careful before using it.

If the stain persists, you can use a damp cloth to absorb the urine. It may need up to ten minutes, and it’s best to leave the rug to soak overnight to remove any remaining moisture. Once the towel has dried, it will be time to blot the stain. You can also use a squeegee to remove the soapy water. This method may be more effective if the stain is particularly stubborn or if you need to remove it completely.

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