Tips For Cleaning Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs require special care and cleaning methods. Professional cleaners are expensive and must know how to get deep into the fibers of the material. They must also take extra care when cleaning antiques and wool rugs as improperly dried wool or silk can cause the colors to run. However, some people can clean their oriental rugs at home. Listed below are some helpful tips for cleaning an oriental rug. These methods are not recommended for all types of rugs. carpet cleaning near me

A common mistake many people make when cleaning Oriental rugs is using a carpet cleaner. Carpet cleaners with alkaline pH will harm the rug. Those with wool or silk rugs need an acidic cleaner. While most people think acidic is bad, an acidic 5.5 pH cleaner is perfect for cleaning these rugs. For best results, use a rug cleaning service that offers Oriental rug cleaning services. However, you should never use homemade cleaners on your rugs.

Professional oriental rug cleaning services use a special drying room to minimize damage caused by the drying process. The dyes and fibers are carefully considered in these rugs. They also use Grandi-Groom to groom the pile downward with the nap. When cleaning your rugs, make sure you do not use a vacuum cleaner or a steam cleaner as these chemicals can wreak havoc on the fibers. This is not recommended for rugs that are fragile and cannot withstand water.

The cleaning method used for an oriental rug can vary in price. It depends on its size and type. Getting regular cleaning will not only save you money but also enhance the color and durability of your rugs. Expert oriental rug cleaners use techniques that protect the integrity of the fibers and ensure that the color and feel of the rug are returned to their original state. Upon completion, the cleaner will inspect both the front and the back surface of the rug. They will also inform you about the general condition of your rugs.

Professional cleaning can be difficult to do at home as home vacuums cannot reach deep into the fibers of an Oriental rug. Professional cleaning technicians know exactly what pressure is necessary to remove all the dust and particulates. They also know the type of detergent to use for your rug’s fibers. Once your rug is clean, you can hang it in a room that is warm, but not humid. And, if you are worried about the moisture content of your rugs, you can always dry them yourself.

Regular cleaning will keep your oriental rugs looking fresh for a longer time. Deep cleaning is necessary if they are in high-traffic areas. You can use a carpet shampoo or detergent on them to remove dust and debris. However, avoid using a commercial carpet cleaner as it can bleach the fibers or lighten them. This is not an ideal method for oriental rugs because these chemicals can also cause harm to the rug. And if you want to enjoy the beauty of your oriental rugs for many years to come, you should invest in professional cleaning services.

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