Tips For Cleaning Oriental Rugs

If you have an Oriental area rug, you should hire a professional Oriental rug cleaner to clean it. A good cleaner will know how to clean a rug without damaging its delicate materials. Some rugs can be cleaned with a standard carpet cleaner, but other types of rugs need an acidic cleaner. Acids with a pH of 5.5 are best. rug cleaning

Oriental rugs are incredibly beautiful, and can complement your decor perfectly. However, because they’re expensive and delicate, they require special care to prevent them from wearing out prematurely. Expert Oriental Rug Cleaners will handle your rug with care, ensuring that it looks brand new for many years to come. To prevent stains from setting in, you should spot clean it regularly.

When cleaning an Oriental rug, avoid using cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals. While a mild detergent may do the trick, you shouldn’t use a solution with high concentrations of acid. Acidic cleaners can loosen the fibers of the rug. You should also avoid using an alkaline cleaner as it can damage the silk and wool fibers. If you must use an acidic cleaner, white vinegar is a great choice.

The cleaning process for an oriental rug is very delicate. While it takes about two hours to clean a rug with a normal detergent solution, it can take a couple of days to dry. An expert Oriental rug cleaner will be able to provide a deeper cleaning than a homeowner can. The cost will depend on how deep the cleaning needs are, but it should not cost more than $50 to $300 for a full project.

It’s very important to remove any urine stains from your oriental rug. This is because urine is a base that will cause the dyes to run. The first step is to soak up the urine with a wet paper towel or cloth towel. You can also use a weight to help absorb the moisture.

To avoid cross-contamination between different types of rugs, it’s important to vacuum your rug every now and then. It will keep it looking newer for longer and prevent stains. A professional Oriental rug cleaner will use the right techniques to maintain the integrity of your rug. They’ll also inspect its front and back surfaces. If there’s a spot that needs repair, they’ll let you know.

It’s also vital to protect your oriental rug from pets. Dogs especially can damage them if they choose an unusual location to pee. It’s important to keep pets out of the rug as much as possible, and to clean spills as soon as possible. Pets should be potty trained to prevent further damage.

If you’re not sure how to clean your rug, consider hiring an expert. Rug cleaning is expensive, and a professional cleaner can help you keep the condition of your rugs. In addition, a qualified Oriental rug cleaner will use specialized cleaning methods and products. These methods prevent the use of damaging detergents that could destroy the rug’s natural fibers.

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