The Basics of Oriental Rug Cleaning

If you want to keep your oriental rug in good condition, you should know some basics of Oriental rug cleaning. First, don’t vacuum it too often. Although your rugs may look brand new, you should avoid letting it get too dirty and cause stains. You should also keep your oriental rugs away from your pets, as they love to scratch and pee on them. If a spill does occur, you should clean it right away. oriental rug cleaning near me

The base of urine is very harmful for Oriental rugs, as it causes the dyes to run. To clean a urine stain, start by absorbing the liquid with a wet cloth towel or paper towel. Weighted objects can also help to soak up excess moisture. Make sure that the cloth is damp but not overly wet. This way, you can clean the stains easily. If you’ve accidentally messed up the rug, you can contact a professional cleaner to clean it.

Then, dry the rugs. Once they are dry, you can use towels to dab away the excess moisture. It’s best to dry them indoors, because heat lamps and sunlight can bleach them and ruin their appearance. You can also vacuum your rugs one more time after cleaning them. The frequency at which you clean your rugs depends on your lifestyle. However, high-traffic area rugs should be cleaned twice a year.

Regular cleaning of your oriental rugs will help you save thousands of dollars in cleaning bills. Regular cleaning will keep them in tip-top shape, allowing them to retain their original colors and feel. Professional cleaners will use special techniques to preserve the dyes and colors of your rugs. They will carefully inspect the rug’s front and back surfaces and inform you of any problems. They will clean the rug in the most gentle and effective way possible, while maintaining the integrity of its fibers.

While cleaning an Oriental rug using a steam cleaner is a great option, you should remember to not use the steam button on your steam cleaner. Once the steam cleaner is finished, it’s best to vacuum the excess water and let it dry before putting it back in its place. If you have a wool rug, you should use baking soda to freshen the odor. Baking soda is an inexpensive cleaner that can be vacuumed up to prevent it from absorbing too much moisture.

Another effective oriental rug cleaning technique is to use a squeegee. This cleaning technique involves sweeping or shaking the rug with a soft straw brush. This method works well for braided, hand-hooked, and flat-weaved rugs. You can use a neutral-pH liquid cleaner on wool Oriental rugs. Never use harsh chemicals to clean woolen fabrics. You can also use woolen fabric cleaners.

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