Rugs: How to clean them properly for an Oriental flair


If you’re looking for a way to add an Oriental touch to your home, rugs are the perfect choice. Not only will they look great, but they can also be used as a surface for cleaning and occupying space. Here’s how to get the most out of your rug—and avoid common mistakes that can damage them.

How to Clean a Rug.

If your rug gets dirty, start by cleaning it with a mild soap and water. Be sure to dry the rug thoroughly before storing it.

How to Clean a Rug with a Steamer

If you have a steamer, you can clean a rug by using it to steam the dirt and stains away. Start with short bursts of steam and work your way up; be careful not to overheat the rug or damage it. carpet cleaning near me

How to Clean a Rug with a Dryer

Dry therug completely by using an oven, stovetop, or air-conditioning unit. first dry off any excess water then dry therug completely.

How to Make a Rug Look oriental.

One way to make a rug look oriental is by adding a touch of color. You can use colors to add an extra level of interest or style to your rug. For example, if your rug is white, you can try adding some green or brown fabric to give it an oriental feel.

How to Get the Look of oriental rugs

One way to get the look of oriental rugs is by using a specific type of rug polish. This type of polish will help to bring out the colors in your rug and make it look more like a piece of art than just a piece of flooring. To find this type of polish, you can search online for it or go to a store that sells oriental rugs and take home a sample to test out.

Tips for Making a Rug Look oriental.

One of the easiest ways to make a room look more oriental is by removing the rug. To do this, start by unrolling the rug and blotting it down with a paper towel or kitchen cloth. Then, remove all of the dust and dirt that may have been on the rug. Next, place a piece of wood or a stick in between the rug and the floor. Hold it at an angle so that the wood cuts into the fabric on either side of the rug. Once you’ve made sure that all of the dust and dirt has been removed, roll up the rug and put it back in its original spot.

How to Make the Rug Look More oriental

Another way to add an oriental flair to your home is by making some changes to how your carpet looks. First, try layering different colors together on your carpet for an extra pop of color. Then, try using different types of dyes to create a totally new look for your carpets – this could involve using traditional Asian spices or adding modern-day technology like laser light microscopy!


Cleaning rugs can be a daunting task, but with some common sense and a little creativity, it can be done! In this guide, we’ll cover how to clean a rug with a steamer, how to clean a rug with a dryer, and how to make the rug look oriental. By following these tips, you’ll make sure your rug looks great and is ready for its next show.

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