Rug Cleaning – Is It Really Necessary?

If you have a rug that needs cleaning, it’s a good idea to contact a rug cleaning service. These experts use a special solution designed to get rid of dirt and stains. Their cleaning supplies are made from plant-based ingredients that are free of harsh chemicals. They’re often enriched with great scents and enzymes that work to make them environmentally friendly. oriental rug cleaning company

Service provided by rug cleaning company

The response from the rug cleaning company was rapid and professional. They wore masks while working on my rug and explained the process to me. While it wasn’t easy to remove a few stains from my rug, they explained that this was normal for certain types of rugs. Once the cleaning was complete, my rug looked much better than it did before.

The cleaning process used by the company varies depending on the type of rug you have. For example, if you have an oriental rug, the service will be gentle.


There are several different methods for cleaning a rug. One of the most important is dusting. This is a necessary step because area rugs can collect up to 75 pounds of dust before they start looking dirty. Using a vacuum is a good way to remove dust and other debris. Another method is to use a cleaning solution, such as carpet cleaner or detergent. The solution will foam up once it is applied to the rug.

If you are using a cleaning solution, use a mild detergent mixed with warm water. Avoid using hot water because it will cause the rug to shrink and fade. You should always test the solution on a small part of the rug before using it on the rest of the rug.


There are several factors that affect the cost of rug cleaning. While the amount varies between individual rugs, the average cost is $1 to $8 per square foot. Different cleaning methods are used, including dry cleaning, steam cleaning, and hand washing. To avoid stains and other damage, rug treatment can be purchased for an additional fee. Some of the available treatments include: stain protection, moth prevention, improved wool, disinfection, and more.

Natural fibers like wool and silk can be quite expensive, and their cleaning can cost anywhere from $2 to $8 per square foot. Synthetic fibers, such as polyester and viscose, are often stain resistant and highly resilient. On the other hand, natural fibers like cotton, wool, and jute can be more costly to clean, as it requires more work to get rid of the dirt and grime.


It is recommended that you get your rugs professionally cleaned at least once a year. However, you can do some routine cleaning on your own too. The main thing to remember is to avoid using harsh chemicals on your rug. Also, you should avoid flooding it with water. Rugs that are older are often best to be cleaned by a professional as these are subject to high traffic.

When cleaning a rug, you need to use a detergent or shampoo that is specific for rugs. It is best to use a specific shampoo for regular cleaning as well as emergencies. You can also use a mild dish detergent in warm water to clean your rugs. You should make sure that you use a soft brush or sponge when cleaning your rugs. It is not advisable to scrub your rugs with harsh scrubbing methods because it can ruin the pile. It is also better to clean your rugs outside rather than in your home. This will prevent a messy mess and will allow them to dry faster.