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Professional rug cleaners will use industry-leading dry cleaning methods to get your rug looking its best. They use the best equipment and cleaning agents, and they understand your cleaning expectations. They will also ensure that your rug is properly protected and maintained. Whether you have a delicate rug or a high-quality heirloom, you can rely on a rug cleaning expert to make the job fast, safe, and affordable. rug cleaning

It is crucial to clean your rugs regularly. While regular vacuuming helps maintain their beautiful appearance, regular professional cleaning is the best way to ensure they remain in good shape. Area rugs and oriental rugs are made from thick and durable fibers, but they still require special care. A professional cleaner will have the training and equipment to thoroughly clean any type of rug, whether it is handmade or purchased.

Silk area rugs are particularly delicate. They need special attention when cleaning, as improper methods can ruin the intricate design and fibers. Only IICRC-certified technicians know how to properly clean silk rugs. You can’t risk damaging your expensive silk rug by using inappropriate cleaning methods. If your HVAC system is not working properly, it can affect the quality of your rug.

Rug cleaning frequency depends on the type of carpet and how much traffic it gets. Rugs that are subject to heavy traffic may need to be cleaned more often than those with light colored patterns. Light-colored rugs need to be cleaned more frequently than rugs with dark colors. On the other hand, rugs with intrinsic patterns may need to be cleaned less often. A good way to determine whether a rug needs cleaning is by feeling its pile. If the pile is coarse and hard, it is probably dirty.

It is recommended to have area rugs cleaned every year. The cost varies depending on the size and material of the rug. Typical area rug cleaning can cost between $80 to $120. You can also expect to pay additional fees for pickup/delivery services. You can also expect the cleaning process to take longer than you expect.

Sheepskin area rugs are made from natural fibers, such as wool. Luckily, professional rug cleaners can handle them well. Sheepskin wool rugs need special care. They should be cleaned regularly, and it is important to be aware that sheepskin wool rugs will shrink by 8-10% after washing. In addition, sheepskin rugs should be hand-washed in cool water using an enzyme-free cleaning formula to avoid damaging the wool fibers.

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