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Rugs require special care. You can’t use lack of time or energy as an excuse for not cleaning them. In addition, they often require chemical cleaning or hand washing. If you notice that your area rug is dirty, you probably need to call in a rug cleaner for a cleaning. Professionals can remove pet hair and stain-causing soil and make your rug look new again. Rug cleaning should be done at least once a month or so. You should vacuum your area rug at least once a week. This will help remove fresh dust and debris and prevent the wool fibers from losing their natural shape. Vacuuming also keeps your carpets looking fresh. Moreover, it will make your rugs last longer by preventing stains and odors. oriental rug cleaning company

Area rugs receive high foot traffic inside homes. Many homeowners use them to protect wall-to-wall carpeting and hardwood floors. While they are functional and stylish, they can collect dirt and allergens. Professional rug cleaning will help maintain their original beauty and remove harmful allergens. Prices for this service vary according to the size and material of your rug. Some services will also clean your upholstered furniture. However, this service is typically charged separately.

A rug cleaning company near you should be able to handle the most delicate types of rugs. The process used to clean your rugs depends on the type of material and the cleaning method used. You should always consult with a professional before hiring a rug cleaning service. A professional will be able to assess your rug’s condition, provide an accurate quote, and do an excellent job.

Some stains on a rug can be difficult to remove. Applying a damp rag with cold water will help remove the stain. However, you must avoid applying too much pressure on the stain. For this purpose, you should wear gloves and avoid rubbing on the stain. Afterwards, apply a stain remover. If the stains are too difficult to remove, you can try using an enzyme cleaner.

Some rugs are difficult to clean, especially viscose rugs. Professional rug cleaners use the dry cleaning method. These professionals use the latest cleaning technology. The dry cleaning method is an industry-standard process. Their cleaning methods are environmentally friendly and will preserve the color and quality of your rugs.

Urine stains can be particularly damaging, and they may require professional cleaning. Since urine is a base for dyes in oriental rugs, it will cause the dyes to run. The first step in removing a urine stain is to absorb the liquid with a moist cloth. You can also use a weighted object to help absorb the excess moisture.

Oriental rugs can be delicate, and need to be treated carefully. A steam cleaner can cause damage to them. You should also check if the rug is colorfast. Rugs with colorfast fibers should be handled by professionals. The wrong detergent can destroy your rug.

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