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The first step in cleaning urine stains on rugs is to soak them up with a wet paper towel or cloth. Then, dip the towel in cold water and a rug shampoo solution, and use it to sponge the stain away. To save money, you can make your own cleaning solution by combining one cup of dishwashing detergent with two cups of lukewarm water and a teaspoon of white vinegar. This mixture should be applied to the stain with a clean towel. oriental rug cleaning company

If you have pets, remember to wash your rugs regularly and to potty train them to avoid further stains. It’s also a good idea to use a rug pad underneath the carpet to prevent excess moisture from absorbing into the rug’s fiber roots. Rugs are one of the most beautiful types of carpets, but if not taken care of properly, they can quickly become a disaster. You can get a rug cleaner near you who can handle any type of stain, from pet hair to ink.

Professional rug cleaning services can remove deep-seated dirt and increase the life of area rugs. They can also improve air quality in your home by reducing allergy symptoms. If you have a large area rug, consider hiring a rug cleaner to help you get it squeaky clean. The process will not only make your home look better, but will also protect your furniture from damage.

It’s important to remember that over-cleaning your rug weakens the fibers, making it more susceptible to stains. If you are unsure if your rug needs to be professionally cleaned, try to rub your hand over it in a circular motion, then gently pull the pile apart to see if it’s stained. Once you know if you need to bring your rug in for cleaning, call a rug cleaner and ask for a quote. Rug cleaners should be able to provide you with an estimate within 24 hours.

If you have an area rug made of wool, make sure you use a professional cleaner to clean it. Sheepskin wool has unique characteristics and should be cleaned using an enzyme-free cleaning formula. It is important to keep in mind that wool fibers shrink when exposed to heat. Always avoid placing hot objects on your rug.

Investing in professional cleaning services for your area rugs can save you money in the long run. While steam cleaning might cost you a few dollars, it’s cheaper than replacing them or paying hospital bills due to diseases caused by bacteria. Besides, professional cleaning services will help your area rugs last longer. They will also make your home more attractive to your guests.

It’s also important to vacuum your rugs regularly. Vacuuming your rugs every week can help reduce the dirt and dust that accumulates on them. Although many people wait until their rug is particularly dirty before giving it a good vacuuming, you should always do so regularly. A quality vacuum will remove most of the dust and dirt. Avoid using extremely powerful vacuums, as they can damage your rugs. To prevent the fringe from getting caught, you should also place a nylon screen over the vacuum attachment.

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