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If you have a rug in your home, you should consider hiring a rug cleaner to help you with the cleaning process. Although regular vacuuming is essential, professional cleaning is necessary to keep your rugs looking their best. It takes specialized training and care to clean rugs properly. A professional cleaning company can provide a deep cleaning that will improve the look and longevity of your rugs. oriental rug cleaning company

Rug cleaning is recommended at least four times a year. It is important to get these cleanings done to ensure that your area rugs are protected from dirt and dust. However, rug cleaning can also cause physical damages that require special repairs. If you are overwhelmed by the idea of rug cleaning, read on!

A deep cleaning is the best way to maintain the appearance of your rugs. This type of cleaning will remove the dirt and allergens that have built up over time. A professional cleaning company will use a special cleaning solution, a hot water extraction machine, and powerful suction to remove as much of the dirt as possible. This method is safe for area rugs and helps to preserve the life of your carpet for a longer time.

The cost of rug cleaning can vary from $150 to $400, depending on the type of rug and its condition. Additional fees may apply for specific cleaning methods, as well as pickup/delivery services. A good way to determine the cost of rug cleaning is to compare different types and prices of cleaning services in your area. You may find that the price you’re quoted is much higher than the one you get elsewhere, so shop around to find the best rug cleaner for the best price.

If you can’t afford to hire a professional rug cleaner, you can try a few DIY cleaning methods to freshen up the stain yourself. For example, baking soda is an excellent way to remove pet stains and freshen up your rugs. Just remember to avoid using chemicals as they may cause permanent damage to your rugs.

Another important aspect of rug cleaning is choosing a company that is eco-friendly and uses only organic cleaning agents. Some companies use harsh chemicals that damage the fibers of handmade rugs. A good company will use natural materials like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice and will be gentle to your rugs. A natural cleaning process is more effective at removing deep-down dirt and stains.

After a cleaning, you should make sure the rugs are completely dry. After this, you can vacuum or use a soft-bristle brush to refresh them. If the rugs are particularly dirty, it is worth renting a commercial steam cleaner.

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