Proper Methods For Oriental Rug Cleaning

When it comes to caring for your Oriental rug, preventative maintenance is essential. Vacuuming them occasionally will help keep them clean and looking new longer. Vacuuming regularly will also prevent stains from setting in. But be careful not to over-vacuum your rugs. If you do vacuum your rugs too often, they might suffer permanent damage. This article will cover the proper method for Oriental rug cleaning. It’s worth reading through the full article for more information. carpet cleaning near me

For best results, vacuum your rug on both sides. Make sure to use a vacuum attachment with low-pile carpet nozzle. Do not use beaters or bristles as they may tear the fringe and fray the rug’s fibers. Lastly, avoid using alkaline cleaners on oriental rugs, as they can damage the wool and silk fibers. Instead, you can use an acidic cleaner like white vinegar to remove tough stains.

While this method is effective in removing surface dirt, it is not effective at removing pet odors. Pet urine crystals are buried deep within the rug, and surface cleaning won’t reach them. To remove pet odors, you need to clean through the fibers. A vacuum cleaner that contains an acid solution is best, especially for Oriental rugs. And make sure to dry it before using it again. While a wet/dry vacuum is the best choice, it should not be used too often because it can loosen the fibers. It’s best to vacuum your rug only once every two weeks to avoid any deterioration.

Regular cleaning is also essential to keep your oriental rugs in good condition. Ideally, you should deep clean your rug at least once a year, but high-traffic areas may require twice as often. For those whose rugs aren’t used much, a vacuum cleaner that contains detergents can remove dust and dirt. However, it may cause further damage to your rugs. Therefore, it’s best to hire a professional oriental rug cleaning service to keep your rugs looking like new.

Pet urine and greasy food can also cause severe damage to your rugs. If you can’t get rid of the stain, try soaking the rug with a solution of white vinegar and warm water. If you’re not able to remove the stains, try mixing white vinegar and a pH-neutral detergent to remove the stains. Red wine can also stain your rugs. If you can’t afford a professional cleaner, it’s worth hiring a professional for the job.

Professional cleaning is not advisable for your rugs, because it is very costly and requires a lot of care. You need to get deep inside the fibers of the material to properly clean it. And when it comes to antiques and wool, it’s critical to dry them properly. Silk and wool, for example, can develop mold if not dried properly. And even if you’ve hired a professional to clean your rugs, they may not be able to do it properly.

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