Oriental Rug Cleaning Tips for a Durable and Stunning Look!


Introduction: You’ve been eyeing up that new Oriental rug and wondering how to get it looking its best. But before you start, you want to make sure that the Rug Cleaning Tips for a Durable and Stunning Look! will help you get the job done. In this post, we’ll show you how to remove dirt, dust, and other debris from your oriental rug in a safe and effective way. We also recommend ways to protect your rug against damage—including dyes and chemicals. So be sure to check out our post for all the information you need! oriental rug cleaning

How to Clean oriental rugs.

The purpose of cleaning oriental rugs is to remove dirt, dust, and other debris that may have accumulate over time. Oftentimes, this will require the use of a cleaning rod to reach tight spots. Cleaning should be done at least once a week and preferably twice per month.

How to Do Oriental Rug Cleaning

Step One: Rinse the rug with warm water and soap before beginning the clean-up.

Step Two: Use a cloth or sponge to clean the entire rug surface.

Step Three: Dilute one part baking soda per four parts water if needed (or use vinegar). Pour this solution over the cloth or sponge in step Two and continue scrubbing until all of the dirt, dust, and debris has been removed. Be sure not to damage any delicate areas of the rug!

How to Use a Cleaning Rod

If using a cleaning rod instead of a cloth or sponge is not possible or too difficult for you, then you can also use an electronic cleaner specifically designed for oriental rugs such as Q-U-B-E-R [1]. This device containing abrasive material is able to remove all types of dirt, dust, and debris from an oriental rug quickly and without damaging it. Place the cleaner over the area to be cleaned and operate the cleaner using a remote control.

How to Get a Durable and Stunning Look for Your oriental rug.

There are many ways to clean oriental rugs. Basic tips for cleaning an oriental rug include using a cleaning rod, changing the soil every 6 months, and avoiding any harsh chemicals.

Use a Cleaning Rod

One of the most important aspects of keeping your oriental rug looking its best is using a cleaning rod. This tool helps you remove dirt, dust, and other debris from the surface of the rug. You can also use a cleaning rod to clean areas that are difficult to reach or to help remove stains or mopping liquids.

Change the Soil every 6 Months

If your rug needs to be replaced or cleaned multiple times in a year, it’s recommended that you change the soil every 6 months. Doing so will help protect your rug from wear and tear and will keep it looking its best over time.

How to Get a Durable and Stunning Look for Your oriental rug.

Some tips for cleaning oriental rugs include using a clean cloth, a vacuum cleaner with the hose attachment, or a rug shampoo. If you use a cleaning rod, be sure to make sure it is made of durable material and isn’t too sharp. You can also change the soil every 6 months to maintain the rug’s look and feel. And if you want to keep your rug looking new for years to come, try using a good rug cleaner.


Cleaning oriental rugs can give your rug a durable and stunning look. There are many different ways to clean oriental rugs, and using a cleaning rod is one of the most important steps in this process. Always use a good rug cleaner to keep your rug looking great for years to come.

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