Oriental Rug Cleaning: The Best Way to Keep Your Rugs looking their best!


Introduction: Do you love your rug, but it seems like it’s always getting dirty? It’s time to clean it, but how do you know which tools to use and when to clean them? This post will teach you all about the best way to keep your Oriental rug looking its best!

How to Clean Oriental Rugs.

The best way to clean oriental rugs is with a variety of cleaning products. You will need to decide which type of rug you would like to clean and what type of cleaning cloth or sponge you would like to use. Some common types of cleaning products used for oriental rugs are ammonia, bleach, water, and detergent. rug cleaners near me

How to Clean Oriental Rugs in a Manual Way

To clean an oriental rug using a manual method, wet the area being cleaned and then fill a spray bottle with water and empty it onto the area being cleaned. Wet your cloth or sponge and spread it over the area beingcleaned. Sweep the clogged areas using gentle motions until all the dirt and dust has been removed. Repeat as needed until all areas have been cleaned.

How to Clean Oriental Rugs with an Electric Razor

If you want to clean oriental rugs using an electric razor, first prepare the Area To Be Cleaned by washing it completely in cold water with soap before any cleaning solutions are applied (this includes any detergents). Once ready, insert the electric razor into the desired spot on the rug and start shaving by moving quickly and smoothly across the surface of the Rug (carefully avoiding any sharp edges). Be sure not to go too close to any delicate spots or your rug may become damaged! When finished shaving, remove the electric razor from the area and dry it off with a paper towel before reapplying any cleaning solutions.

What to Look for When Cleaning Oriental Rugs.

Most oriental rugs are made from a variety of materials including wool, cashmere, and silk. The color and design of the rug may affect how it is cleaned. In general, however, most cleaning products will clean the rug in a matter of minutes and require no water or soap to be used.

Look for the Look of Your Oriental Rug

When cleaning an oriental rug, it is important to keep in mind the look of your rug. For example, if your rug has a busy pattern or swirls, these may need to be removed before cleaning. Additionally, any damage that may have occurred during its manufacturing should also be treated as such and cleaned accordingly.

Check for any Damage

Damage can occur on any part of an oriental rug–from the floor to the border–so it’s important to take care when checking for such things as tears or dents. If you find any damage, please contact our customer service department so we can work with you to rectify the situation as quickly as possible!

How to Keep Your Oriental Rug Cleaning Experience Enjoyable.

When cleaning your Oriental rug, it’s important to use a cleaning prod. This will help remove any dirt and germ that may have built up over time. Additionally, using a soft, lint-free cloth to remove any dust will help keep your rug looking its best. Finally, Rinse the Rug Dry before put back in storage or display.

Follow the Directions on the Cleaning Product

When using the cleaning product directions, be sure to follow them carefully. If you don’t, you may end up with an unpleasant experience that won’t be worth the hassle. For example, if you don’t use detergent according to product instructions, your rug may become stained and difficult to clean later on. In addition, do not overwash your rug – only wash as needed and then dry completely!

Use a Whisk to Remove any Dirt and Germ

If there are any dirt or germ particles left on your Oriental rug after it has been cleaned by either of your methods listed above, Vortex is recommend using a whisk to remove them quickly and easily. vortex wool erasers are perfect for this purpose – they work great even when wet! Simply place the eraser over the build-up and rub gently until all of the dirt and Germ has been removed.

Use a Soft, Lint-Free cloth to Remove any Dust

Finally, be sure to use a soft, lint-free cloth to remove any dust on your rug before putting it back in storage or display. This will help prevent it from coming in contact with other materials and creating an unpleasant odor.


Cleaning your Oriental rug can be a fun and rewarding experience. By using a cleaning prod, following the directions on the product, and Rinse the Rug Dry, you can keep your cleaning experience enjoyable. Be sure to also check for any damage and clean it time-outly.

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