Oriental Rug Cleaners – How to Clean Oriental Rugs at Home

You should not attempt to clean Oriental rugs yourself because they are very delicate. Even if you are able to vacuum them, you should not use harsh brushes or other cleaning tools. Likewise, you should not use detergents and alkaline cleaners as these can damage the delicate wool and silk fibers of the rug. Instead, you should use an acidic cleaner such as white vinegar. oriental rug cleaning

Besides cleaning, you should protect the delicate material of oriental rugs from pet stains. Pets can leave their paw prints on the rugs and can also urinate. To prevent damage, you should protect your rug from spills as soon as possible. You should also be careful not to over-vacuum Oriental rugs since it can lead to stains.

Moreover, area rugs are also prone to bacteria and dust mites. Hence, it is necessary to clean them regularly to avoid damage and loss of beauty. In addition, they are subjected to spills and foot traffic. Because of this, Oriental rugs tend to pick up stains easily.

Oriental rugs can last for generations if they are properly taken care of. The cleaning process performed by professional oriental rug cleaners ensures that the rugs are sanitized and free from allergens and infestations. In addition, expert cleaners can bring your rugs back to their original splendor.

Cleaning Oriental rugs at home is a cheaper alternative to hiring a professional rug cleaning service. Professional cleaners use high-quality cleaning methods and use specialized equipment to ensure that your rugs look their best. You can even clean rugs on your own by following a few steps. There are many different types of oriental rugs, but there are some common methods that you can follow to ensure the best results.

Firstly, you should vacuum your rugs regularly. Regular vacuuming will remove dust and grit that will wear down the carpet pile under foot traffic. Be careful not to use vacuums with long and hard bristles as they may cause damage to the rugs. A soft and suction-based vacuum cleaner is the best choice for your rugs.

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