Wiz Team, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality Rug Pads to our clients. A Rug Pad is an essential component of any area rug installation. Custom Rug Pads are the best way to ensure your Rug is properly supported and protected. They provide extra cushioning, reducing wear and tear on your Rug while extending its life span. Additionally, custom Rug Pads reduce noise, help prevent slipping and sliding, add comfort to bare feet as well as make vacuuming easier by preventing dirt from getting trapped in the Rug fibers.

Custom Rug Pads are specifically designed for the shape, size, thickness, fabric type, material type, and construction of particular area rugs. Custom Rug Pads can be made to fit any size or shape Rug including round rugs, square rugs, and more.

Our experienced rug pad experts are always ready to help you find the perfect Rug Pad for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a Rug Pad for a large area Rug, an Oriental rug, or something unique, we have the right custom Rug Pad just for you!

Let Rug Pad Wizards help you extend the life of your Rug with our Custom Rug Pads today!

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Depending on the construction of your rug: Hand Made, Machine Made, Rug Thickness, Pile Density, Type of Fiber, and the Type of Subflooring it sits on will all determine which area rug pad will be best suited. To provide you with the best support and comfort, as well as, preserving your rug’s appearance. Please call our custom Rug Pad Specialists and they will answer any further questions you may have or assist you in choosing the best choice of Rug Pad for your Rug at 847-526-6060.
We recommend starting fresh by cleaning your area rug and floor under your rug, then installing your new rug pad to avoid the transfer of pre-existing soil to a new rug pad and to enjoy the full benefits of a clean area rug and a new area rug pad. However, if you purchased a new rug, cleaning may not be necessary, a custom rug pad can be installed without cleaning your area rug.
Our rug pads are made of premium materials such as felt and natural rubber and are made in the U.S.A. which guarantees no odors, premium durability, and free of any shipping container pest infestations. We offer 3 various types of pads and thicknesses which one will be the best suited for your area rug will be determined based on the specific type of rug you are looking to protect and what type of flooring it sits on.
Premium rug pads should last for 10-15 years under regular use and proper maintenance. Signs of pad deterioration are as follows: density loss – no support, feels too stiff or cracking when folded in hand, when you lift your pad off of the floor there is fine sandy grey dust like cement over your floors, pet stains from urine have penetrated the rubber backing. If you notice any of these conditions – your area rug pad should be replaced.
First, we determine which type of pad is best suited for your area rug. Then we measure your area rug and make sure your pad will be the perfect fit. Next, we custom-cut your pad for your area rug and then deliver it to your home, and install the pad. If any adjustments need to be made, we will refine your pad to perfection onsite for a flawless fitment. Finally, you are getting to enjoy all the benefits of your custom rug pad, all while extending the life of and protecting your area rug from premature wear and tear.

Rug pads purchased online are not custom, you will have to do all of the measuring and these pads never fit perfectly because are pre-cut to generic sizes and you won’t have a nice overlap lip over the pad. Most of the time they ironically will result in a slip hazard while leaving the consumer to make adjustments. Keep in mind premium pad materials are difficult to cut. Typically, online warehouse pads are lower grade quality and you are taking a 50/50 chance in ordering the exact type of pad grade/thickness.

With Wiz Team, Inc.’s rug pads you are getting premium quality and integrity-rated rug pads manufactured and engineered in the U.S.A., every pad is a perfect fit and is properly selected based on the rug the pads are being used for. So our clients have zero hassle and all of the benefits on the first installation. Our rug pads are also cut appropriately to create a proper overlap where the pad edge and rug’s edge meet preventing the pad from peeking out from under the rug. Our cuts are made using precise measurements with laser and speciality cutting machines, our pads are Dual Lock, and they can be installed over any type of flooring (Hardwood, Stone, Porcelain Tiles, Carpet, Concrete, and Luxury Vinyl Flooring). The pads are designed to protect your area rug and floor under your rug pad as well. Our custom rug pads will last you for 15-20 years and come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty, without premature cracking or disintegrating.

Costs of a custom rug pad vary depending on The type of pad selected and the specific size of the area rug they are being fitted to. Rug pad prices range from $35 for a small area rug and can go up to $400 for an extra large rug. Whatever the case, it is a small investment when you consider the cost of your area rug itself and costly repairs of the flooring by not having a pad or if you have the wrong pad under your area rug. The benefits of a new custom rug pad outweigh the cost ten-fold: get your new rug pad and enjoy all of the benefits today. Call us for assistance at 847-526-6060!
Yes, we can clean your rug pad and we recommend regular maintenance to be performed to extend the life of your rug pad to prevent premature replacement.
Yes, this is the preferred option to save you some money on delivery and installation costs. Because both services get done at the same time and there is no extra travel trips back and forth. It is absolutely the best way to go about it. Call us to schedule at 847-526-6060.

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