Carpet Cleaning North Shore

Carpet Cleaning North Shore, IL: Residential services: Wiz Team, Inc., provides North Shore, Il with professional carpet cleaning services. We can address the problem areas that you don’t have time for, specializing in carpet, upholstery, hardwood floors, tile cleaning, and sealing walls, and bathrooms. Let us clean your carpets or power wash your kitchen floors to render your space pristine. It is important to ensure that your living quarters are as clean as possible. The Wiz Team can ensure that residents in North Shore, and I have clean carpets year-round.

Industrial and commercial services: For heavy-duty industrial cleaning services, in North Shore, Il, business owners turn to us. Our carpet cleaning and commercial cleaning services will render your space pristine. No job is too big or detailed for us, whether you need services for a retail store, restaurant, vacant or for-sale property, office, church, or religious center.

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Fire Damage Restoration North Shore

Health Risks: When a fire rages through a home it burns a wide variety of materials, including wood, formaldehyde, lacquers, fiberboard, and plastics, that release particulates and toxins into the air. You risk exposure to hazardous materials and subsequent health problems like permanent respiratory illness, nerve damage, and lung and skin cancers. If the house remains wet too long, you also risk exposure to fungi and microorganisms that can make you sick.

An expert team from a restoration company can quickly evaluate the situation while wearing appropriate protective gear.

Cleanup Hassles

There are also a lot of cleanup issues that have to be addressed as quickly as possible to prevent further damage, such as the water, ash, soot, sewage, and/or other substances on surfaces.

Most homeowners aren’t prepared for the extent of the damage they witness right after a fire let alone the amount of cleanup.

Experienced restorers immediately remove anything that can’t be salvaged and substances/materials that can cause further damage. They shore up walls, run cleanup equipment, such as commercial-level water absorption devices, fans, vacuums, and air purifiers, dry everything out, and clean the air. Smoke odor removal is a top priority. They also deodorize furniture and textiles and then, obviously, repair and/or replace damaged building sections.

Building Codes

The most important reason to hire a fire damage restoration company is that you need a professional who understands how to make your home meet local and federal codes. You might spend months trying to figure it out on your own and then complete restoration only to find out you need to make additional costly changes to meet the code.

The Wiz Team is a full service carpet cleaning and restoration service. We service Lake Forest, Highland Park, Glencoe, Winnetka, Wilmette Glenview, Northbrook, Deerfield, Buffalo Grove, Arlington Heights, Palatine, Lake Zurich, Barrington, Mundelein, and more. Contact us today for your cleaning and restoration needs.

Carpet Cleaning North Shore, IL

Your business’s image is important, and so is the health of your staff. Regular carpet cleaning can keep your carpets looking good and reduce the build-up of dirt and pollen, which can wreak havoc with those in your building. The problem that many commercial business owners face is finding a carpet cleaning company that will work hard to deliver a high-quality cleaning job and there is also the matter of trusting those entering your building.

These tips and ideas can help you find the right commercial carpet cleaning company for your commercial building.

How to Find a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company You Can Trust
  • Longevity

  • One major thing you will want to look for when it comes to hiring a company you can trust is how long a company has been in business. Many companies start only to fail in the first few years because they are not delivering services correctly. Look for a company with at least 10 years in the commercial carpet cleaning business, and make sure this time was spent in your local area.

  • Reputation
  • Next to longevity, reputation is important. If a company has lasted the test of time, then it is likely it will have a good reputation. No one wants to recommend or hire a company that does a bad job. Ask friends, family, and co-workers if they have had experience with commercial cleaning companies, then check online review sites to see what other customers have to say.
  • Options 

  • If a carpet cleaning company only offers one method of cleaning for all types of materials, then they may not know what they are doing. Each type of material needs specialized treatment, you can’t treat wool the same way you might treat nylon. Ask the company how they determine how to clean your carpets and the different cleaning techniques they use.

  • Business Hours

  • It is likely you don’t want carpet cleaners scooting around your business during business hours. Check with the commercial carpet cleaning company to see what their hours are and if they offer flexibility when it comes to commercial cleaning.

  • Extraction Cleaning

  • Many carpet and rug manufacturers will suggest the extraction cleaning method. In fact, if you use any other method and damage is done to your carpets you may be voiding the warranty. Look for a commercial carpet cleaning company that offers the extraction cleaning method and be sure that your warranties and carpeting are protected.

  • Certifications

  • Be sure the commercial carpet cleaning company you hire holds special certifications and be sure that these certifications relate to the carpet cleaning job taking place. Certifications from the IICRC are especially valuable and it is worth searching out companies that have been certified for commercial carpet cleaning by this organization.

The Wiz Team is a full-service carpet cleaning and restoration service. We service Lake Forest, Highland Park, WilmetteGlencoe, Winnetka, Vernon HillsGlenviewNorthbrook, Deerfield, Buffalo GroveArlington HeightsPalatineLake Zurich, Barrington, MundeleinLibertyvilleNorthfieldNorth Shore, and more. Contact us today for your cleaning and restoration needs.

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