How to Take Care of an Oriental Rug

A good way to care for your oriental rug is to clean it regularly. The natural fibers of sheep contain a chemical that protects their coats from sunlight, but once they’re sheared, these substances are no longer present in the wool fiber. This means that it’s susceptible to faster degradation and staining. The same is true for silk and wool, which require a special protective sealing process to protect them from the elements. Another way to take care of your oriental rug is to keep your pets out of it. Dogs and cats are notorious for peeing in unusual places, which makes Oriental rugs vulnerable to pet messes and accidents. Always treat spills as soon as they occur to prevent further damage. rug cleaners

One of the most common stains that damage Oriental rugs is urine. Pet urine is especially hard on the fibers, so the most effective way to clean a urine stain is to absorb the stain first with a paper towel or cloth towel. You can also use a weighted object to help absorb more urine. Nevertheless, make sure not to get your cloth too wet! This is because a wet cloth may not be enough to soak up the urine stain.

While Oriental rugs are durable, it’s a good idea to clean them periodically to ensure that they look newer longer. Regular vacuuming and shakes are also essential for Oriental rugs. Vacuuming every two weeks is ideal. It’s not necessary to use tons of scrubbing products. A good vacuuming session once in a while is enough. But once a year is fine, too. And if your rug doesn’t need to be cleaned, it’s just fine.

If your oriental rug is older, it’s likely handmade and may have some family heirloom value. The best way to clean your oriental rug is with a mild cold water solution, which will not only clean the fibers without damaging the design but also remove dirt and stains. After a few months, a yearly deep cleaning should be required, depending on the type of dirt it has picked up. This method works well with all types of oriental rugs, including cotton and wool.

When cleaning an Oriental rug, make sure you’re not using any detergents or chemicals that might deteriorate the fibers. Some vegetable dyes can even cause a rug to bleed when cleaned too vigorously. Using detergents and cleaning methods that are not designed for rugs can damage them and cause them to look blotchy. You’ll have to spend an additional day or two drying time to ensure the rug is clean and dry. It’s important to follow the instructions carefully to avoid any possible damages.

There are many types of Oriental rugs, and each of them has special cleaning techniques. Professional oriental rug cleaners can perform the delicate process of cleaning these rugs. The fibers of these rugs are made of many different materials and have to be cleaned gently to preserve the dyes and make them look their best. An expert will also use cleaning products that don’t leave residue, which can attract dirt and ruin the beauty of your rug. Therefore, you can rest assured that your Oriental rug cleaning will result in a beautiful and clean rug for years to come.

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