How to Properly Clean Your Rugs

For stubborn stains on rugs, a paper towel dipped in cold water and a rug shampoo can help. If the stain is difficult to remove, a stain remover can be applied with a brush. The solution should be dye-free and non-abrasive, but if you don’t have any of these, you can also use a home-made mixture of one-fourth cup of dishwashing detergent and two cups of lukewarm water. Don’t blot too much, though, or you risk damaging the fibers of the rug. To dry the rug, a hair dryer or garden hose may help promote drying. carpet cleaning near me

Whether you’re cleaning a synthetic or a natural rug, you can follow the same principles for stain removal. You can start by washing a small spot with a mild detergent, such as laundry soap, to see if the stain will fade or shrink. If it doesn’t, you can proceed to the next step. Once you’ve decided on the cleaning solution, you can blot the stain with a dry white towel.

If the stain is very stubborn, you can apply a paste of baking soda on the stain. This solution needs to be left on the stain for a few hours, or until the stains have disappeared. After the baking soda has dried, rinse with water and vacuum it. After a few hours, apply the baking soda mixture again, and repeat if necessary. After several hours, you should see an improvement in your rugs.

After the cleaning process, make sure you brush your rugs well to remove pet hair. Using ambient air will slow dry your carpet, preventing shrinking. Natural dyes, meanwhile, need to be protected from pet hair and dirt. In addition, if you have pets, it’s essential to keep the rugs away from them. A pet may bring dirt or other irritants to the rug, which can cause permanent stains.

When hiring a rug cleaner, it’s important to choose an organization that offers a warranty for their work. While many companies offer discounts or promotions, choosing a company that offers a warranty for their work can protect you and your rugs. Make sure the organization you hire offers a warranty, so you can rest assured your rug will remain looking its best. However, you should be patient when choosing a rug cleaner. A professional rug cleaner will often need only a few cleaning sessions.

Although you might want to save money, washing your rug at home is risky. While professional rug cleaners will charge an extra $15 to $30 per rug for more intensive cleaning, it’s not worth risking your money. A professional cleaning service can restore your rug to its original condition and keep its colors vibrant. When choosing a rug cleaning company, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions, or contact a local expert. Many rug cleaning services also offer discounts and free estimates for cleaning.

While you’re cleaning your rug, you should also consider the use of rugs in your home. Those in high-traffic areas are especially likely to need rug cleaning. Not only can rugs keep your floors clean, but they can also protect hardwood flooring from spills and stains. Runner rugs are especially helpful in keeping hallways and other rooms clean from dirt brought in from outside. They can also protect the delicate parts of children.

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