How to Properly Clean Your Oriental Rugs

To keep your oriental rugs looking their best, you need to clean them as often as possible. Over-wetting or using chemicals can damage the fibers. Professional rug cleaners use industrial-grade cleaning materials and methods. In addition, they are familiar with the proper cleaning procedures. Using the right cleaning solutions is essential to prevent damage to your rug. rug cleaning

The first step in cleaning your oriental rugs is to thoroughly rinse them. Some rugs require wet cleaning, while others may require dry cleaning. If your rugs have intricate details or colors, dry cleaning may be the best solution. This method is also known as solid cleaning or dry soil removal. However, this method is only appropriate for lightly soiled rugs; it cannot remove messes that have penetrated the fibers.

Regular vacuuming is also essential for maintaining your rugs’ beauty and condition. Ideally, you should vacuum them at least twice per week. However, frequent vacuuming can loosen the delicate fibers. If you can’t keep up with this schedule, you may want to consider hiring a professional Oriental rug cleaner to handle your rugs.

Professional rug cleaners are trained to carefully inspect and evaluate antique rugs. The experts will be able to foresee issues with color bleeding, delicate fiber, and structural weak spots. They will also consider how old the rug is and what kind of soiling it has undergone. It’s also a good idea to get a quality pad for your rug to protect it from damage.

In the case of hand-woven Oriental rugs, the fringes are particularly delicate and should be handled with care. You can hire a professional Oriental rug cleaner to take care of the fringes, which should be cleaned with a white vinegar solution. Depending on the type of rug, the cleaner may choose to soak the rug for a certain period of time.

Expert Oriental rug cleaners will avoid using heat to clean your rug. Heat can ruin wool and silk rugs. It can cause shrinking and twisting and even cause dye to bleed. Experts will never use heat when cleaning your Oriental rugs, instead using cold water with pH correction. They will also create a fresh bath for each rug.

Professional Oriental rug cleaners will use a specialized filtering process designed specifically for oriental rugs. A suction vacuum is used to remove excess water and other particles. The cleaners repeat this process until the liquid is clear. Then, they rinse and dry your rug. You can even choose to have your rug cleaned at home if you want to save money and time.

Oriental rugs can add character and comfort to your home. They are also functional and fashionable. Keeping them clean is essential to keep them looking their best. They also protect your hard surface floors from UV rays. However, they can become damaged with high traffic or exposure to the sun. If your oriental rug is ruined, you should consult an expert.

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