How to Properly Clean Your Carpet

When hiring a carpet cleaning company, it is important to be aware of their warranty. Many companies offer a one to five-year warranty on carpet cleaning services. It is important to know what the warranty covers, and make sure the company uses a cleaning solution that is recommended by the manufacturer. Using a cleaning solution that is not recommended by the manufacturer can void the warranty. Wiz Team

Baking soda and water mixed together can be used as an effective home carpet cleaner. The baking soda will absorb moisture and will leave a clean carpet. Alternatively, you can use a steam mop. The steam from the mop will moisten the mixture and work it into the carpet fibers. You can also use old towels or microfiber cloths to soak up any loose soil that has been left on the carpet.

A professional carpet cleaner will have access to the right equipment to clean your carpet. A professional carpet cleaning service will pre-condition the carpet with a special solution and use a brush to agitate the carpet. Then, using a hot water spray, the cleaner will rinse away any dirt and soil that has been embedded in the surface.

Cleaning your carpet is essential to keeping it looking new. Spot cleaning and regular vacuuming can help prolong its life. Deep cleaning the carpet with hot water and steam is recommended twice a year to keep it looking new. It will remove greasy deposits, embedded soil and dust and brighten the color. Experts recommend deep cleaning a carpet every six months for a four-person household.

Bonnet cleaning is another technique that can be used for carpet cleaning. This method is primarily used for commercial carpeting. It uses a round absorbent pad that is attached to the bottom of a rotary floor machine. A small amount of detergent is sprayed onto the pad, which rotates over the carpet surface to remove it. Repeated bonnet cleaning can cause a buildup of residue, which increases the resoiling of the carpet.

The cost of a carpet cleaning service depends on the condition of the carpet and the type of stain. It can range from $40 to $350 per room, depending on the severity of the stain and the size of the area to be cleaned. Pet stains are more expensive than food stains, because they tend to sink deeper into the carpet pile. Dry cleaning takes about 20 minutes to dry.

Professional carpet cleaners usually charge between $0.20 to $0.40 per square foot, although some charge per room. Larger rooms will need more time and materials than smaller ones, so the cost will be higher. Many companies also offer flat-rate prices based on the size and number of rooms. It is best to pay a flat-rate for the entire service instead of paying by the square foot.

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