How to Properly Clean Oriental Rugs

When it comes to oriental rugs, it’s important to clean them as thoroughly as possible. Pets can leave unsightly stains, especially on Oriental rugs. Dogs will often choose odd places to poop. The best way to remove pet odors is through cleaning through the fibers.

A professional Oriental rug cleaner will know the best techniques for cleaning your rug. The right method can improve the life span of your rug and improve its color. Professional cleaners use techniques that preserve the integrity of your rugs and restore them to their original appearance and feel. They will examine both the front and back of your rug to determine the best method of cleaning. Carpet Cleaning company

When cleaning Oriental rugs, you need to use only the right cleaning products. You should avoid soaking them in water because it can damage the fibers. Also, excessive heat can cause them to shrink or twist. Furthermore, it can cause dye bleeding. Therefore, it’s essential to use the right products that have no harsh chemicals in them.

A good cleaning solution should be gentle on the rug. If it’s made of wool, it’s best to use a mild detergent for cleaning. If the detergent is too strong for your rug, you can use a water-and-vinegar mixture. This solution will lift stains and remove excess dirt.

You can also clean the rug at home by vacuuming it regularly. Using a wet/dry vacuum will remove excess water from a rug, but frequent vacuuming can loosen fibers. Vacuuming your rug once every two weeks is the best frequency for Oriental rugs. This will help keep your rugs looking new for a longer time.

Because oriental rugs are so delicate, it’s important to properly care for them. Avoid over-vacuuming because it can cause stains to set in. Instead, vacuum rugs occasionally to remove dirt and dust. This will ensure that your rugs stay looking new longer and maintain their color. This way, you can have them for a lifetime.

Professional Oriental rug cleaners use special chemicals that prevent color bleeding and fraying. This is particularly important with wool rugs, as the fibers are highly susceptible to bleeding. They also use colorfast cleaners to prevent premature fading. Using the wrong cleaning solution can ruin your rug or dissolve the wool fibers.

Professional cleaners can tackle many different problems. For example, pet urine is difficult to remove. The chemicals in the urine distort the colors and cause a lingering odor that’s difficult to cover. Pet urine also makes the rug less flexible and can cause folds and cracks. Furthermore, the urine can attract moths, which can ruin your rug.

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