How to Properly Clean Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs need special care and cleaning to preserve their beauty. Vacuuming every so often will prevent stains and keep the rugs looking as good as new. However, you must be careful not to over-vacuum the rugs. It is best to do so once every two weeks. Otherwise, you risk loosening the fibers. Carpet Cleaning company

One of the most damaging stains to Oriental rugs is urine. Urine contains a base that causes the dyes to run. To remove the urine, start by absorbing the liquid using a cloth towel or paper towel. You can use a weighted object to soak up even more liquid. Once the urine is absorbed, you can apply a solution of white vinegar and water. After the cleaning solution is thoroughly absorbed, rinse the carpet with clean water to remove any excess soap.

Oriental rugs are delicate. Often hand-woven, they can be difficult to clean without damaging the intricate knotting and fibers. Avoid using strong cleaners on them, as these will damage the delicate fibers. In addition, avoid using natural plant-based dyes, as they will interfere with the natural color of the rug. White vinegar is an excellent acidic cleaner.

Regular oriental rug cleaning is an essential part of maintaining a beautiful and functional rug. It helps protect your rugs against dirt and moisture, and helps them retain their aesthetic appeal. If you clean your rugs regularly, you can keep them looking new for many years. Ideally, you should consider having your rugs professionally cleaned every four to five years.

Oriental rugs can be made of various materials, including silk, wool, and cotton. Wool and cotton rugs are more durable and easier to clean. Wool and cotton rugs should not be vacuumed too frequently because the fibers may be damaged. During oriental rug cleaning, highly trained technicians use specially formulated cleaning agents and equipment to keep your rugs looking beautiful.

Regular vacuuming helps remove surface dirt, but not deep-seated soil. Dirt tracked in on paws and shoes can eat away at the fibers of your rug. Therefore, it’s imperative to hire professional rug cleaning services. Professional rug cleaning is the only way to guarantee your rugs are cleaned effectively.

Oriental rugs are costly and fragile. Therefore, you should clean them carefully to preserve their beauty. Professional rug cleaning services will charge a high price. However, if you want to avoid spending money on such costly cleaning services, you can do the job yourself. Follow the steps below to ensure your rugs stay looking beautiful for many years.

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