How to Properly Clean Oriental Rugs

Rug cleaning is an important step in maintaining the beauty of your rugs. You must follow certain guidelines when cleaning your rugs to ensure their lasting beauty. Regular cleaning is recommended, especially for oriental rugs. This type of rug requires special chemicals, heat levels, and drying methods. Preventing spills is also very important. Avoid letting spills dry on your rug, as this can cause permanent stains and odors. If you do spill something on your rug, immediately blot it so that it does not cause further damage. Carpet Cleaning

A good cleaning solution for rugs is made from a solution of one cup of mild dish detergent and two cups of lukewarm water. Be careful when using hot water, as it can shrink the rug and make the colors fade. For this reason, it’s important to test the cleaning solution on a small section of the rug before implementing it on the entire rug.

Always follow the manufacturers’ recommendations and do not use excessive amounts of cleaning products. Area rugs are often delicate and must be treated gently. Do not rub them with your hands, even if they are wet. Never use harsh cleaning solutions on area rugs, and never leave them wet. Moreover, heat can shrink wool, so avoid placing hot objects on them. Instead, use cold water for washing them.

For stubborn stains, an enzyme-based cleaner can be used. This cleaner breaks down the urine residue and eliminates its odor. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, as some enzyme cleaners can damage the rug’s fabric. Depending on the stain, the enzyme cleaner can also be used on carpets.

A professional rug cleaning service will be able to remove all kinds of dirt and allergens from rugs. Using a professional cleaner will help ensure the best possible cleaning experience. If you want a rug to retain its appearance after cleaning, hire an Oriental Area Rug Cleaning company to guarantee the best results. If the rug gets damaged, a professional will ensure that the rug is restored to its original condition. If the rug gets damaged due to improper cleaning, you can always get a replacement.

Steam cleaning can remove stains, but it cannot eliminate all types of dirt. A steam cleaning uses a small amount of water, so the rug needs time to dry. Besides, it can also cause permanent discoloration of the rug. If you are not sure about whether a cleaning method is best for your rug, you can always test it on an inconspicuous area first.

Besides using a steam cleaning solution, you can also use portable carpet upholstery cleaners, like the Bissell Little Green. These tools can be used to clean rugs, couches, and car upholstery. But remember to always dry the rug thoroughly after the cleaning process. Otherwise, mold can grow on the rug and damage the floor underneath.

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